Improved display by High School FPs

Grangemouth 36,

Carnoustie 10

CARNOUSTIE travelled to Grangemouth in search of league points after having been heavily defeated in the home game.

The home team players were bigger and heavier than the visitors, but were to be matched in endeavour and will to win. The weather was dry with no wind and the pitch was firm.

The homesters got proceedings under way and immediately gained a penalty which was tapped and run, but the ball was turned over and chipped ahead by Grangemouth. The follow up was quick and the visitors were forced to carry over and touchdown.

The home players drove from the scrum, but were unable to ground the ball. Again they won the scrum and the number eight picked up and drove through the line for the try, which went unconverted. Carnoustie restarted and won a penalty, but the kick fell short of the posts allowing Grangemouth to clear. Grangemouth won the line out and with good hands broke the defence to touchdown, but again failed to convert.

The restart kick found touch and from the line-out Grangemouth kicked. Dean Nicholson fielded and ran the ball back strongly before linking up with his support, but the ball was held up and the scrum lost.

FPs seemed to be penned in their 22, but boldly drove the ball upfield, gained a penalty, and went through the hands before being forced to touch just short of the try line. Unfortunately a penalty was conceded at the line-out and the homesters cleared.

From line-out ball Grangemouth chipped, fielded and drove to gain a penalty which they tapped and drove down the right wing finding space to drive through and this time converting.

Half-time: Grangemouth 17, Carnoustie 0.

The visitors restarted with the home team fielding, but throwing a forward pass.  Grangemouth took the scrum against the head and kicked, but FPs fielded and attempted a drop goal which was well off target.

From a scrum, the Angus visitors drove, but were penalised for offside and then again for a high tackle. This allowing the homesters to attack the line, but a strong defence held up the ball carrier. From the subsequent scrum Grangemouth drove off the back to touchdown and convert.

From the restart Carnoustie found touch then set up a series of drives before the ball went loose, but the home team kicked out on the full. From the line-out FPs gained a penalty which they tapped before driving strongly and recycling, giving Dean Nicholson room on the touchline to run in and touchdown, but with no conversion.

The homesters restarted with a short kick but the ball found touch.  The Angus men won the line-out but turned the ball over allowing Grangemouth to play through the hands to the far wing where the ball was chipped ahead. The race was won by the home side winger who touched down, but again with no conversion. Carnoustie restarted and after doing well to collect the kick they knocked on, but they made amends by taking the subsequent scrum against the head, allowing Owen Hughes to pick up and drive on the blind side before setting the ball up for his backs. Ally Shepherd went over in the corner but as before they were unable to convert.

From the restart, FPs knocked on, and the home players drove from the scrum but failed to release when stopped, allowing Carnoustie to clear. The home side built up momentum through their big forwards pushing FPs back and exerting huge pressure on their defence which, although at times was desperate, was resolute in knocking the ball carrier back time and time again. However, a well timed inside pass found a flanker who broke through for a converted try.

Team: Burwood, Coffield, McNichol, Cook, Nicholson, Shepherd, Rankin, Dawson, Hall, Dissel, Cowan, Christie, Reid, Macdonald, Hughes, Esposito, Low and Lowe.

Carnoustie have a friendly home game against Waid this week with a 3 p.m. kick-off at Carnoustie High School.