In national finals

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Tayside Musketters 91, Perth Phoenix 48

THE MUSKETEERS faced local rival Perth Phoenix in the national semi-final on Friday night at Arbroath Sports Centre.

There was a buzz around the hall with the largest crowd of the season there to cheer on the team.

The team was keen to get a great start and spurred on by the crowd that’s just what they got. Led by captain Nicky Sim, who started the game with a lay up and a three pointer. The quarter saw all started get on the score sheet. The Muskies were rampant on the fast break, stopping the Phoenix zone from being effective. Muskie forwards Kevin and Mark Myers were instrumental in this spell, grabbing rebounds at both ends of the floor.

The quarter ended with a three pointer by Jeb Spink to take the score to 27-10.

The second quarter was much the same for the Musketeers with great ball movement finding the most effective shot. A 14-point quarter by Sim pushed the score to 51-25 at the half.

The third quarter saw guard Jeb Spink really step up his game. He found open team-mates and his patience saw him get better shots and he scored 15 quarter points. Ending the quarter with back-to-back three pointers. The quarter also gave the Muskies a chance to give their reserves valuable semi-final experience.

The last quarter saw the Muskies take their foot off the pedal and gave every player the experience. Guard Cameron Harris had a fantastic quarter aggressively attacking the basket for seven points and back up point guard Matty Skyner showed his range with a deep three-point shot. Again Kevin and Mark Myers were as effective as ever and are up there with the best intangibles players around.

The Muskies won 91-48 to progress to the final where they will be looking to go one better than last year when they lost out at the last stage. The final will be played at 1.45 p.m. at the Lagoon Centre, Paisley, on February 3, 2013.

Scorers: N. Sim 28, J. Spink 26, K. Myers 11, M. Myers 8, D. Patullo 4 and M. Skyner 3.

Tayside Musketeers 69, Glasgow Rocks 66,

THE TAYSIDE Senior Women team came out flying in the semi-final of the Scottish Cup. P. Schweikert started strongly and dominated under the basket picking up six easy points in the opening quarter.

The Muskies were calm and settled this quarter with L. Hare leading the offence and it quickly came to light that this was anyone’s game, with Rocks leading 19-17.

Musketeers came out strong in the second quarter with Junior star Y. Van Wees scoring a three and some quick jump shots. L. Hare was fierce on the break scoring quick lay ups and drawing fouls. The score at the end of the second quarter 37-35 Muskies.

The third quarter was up and down for both teams with Rocks looking strong and working well on the break. C. Black was key in this half outrunning everyone and playing with heart and aggression. She picked up eight out of 18 in the third quarter.

Tayside Musketeers had an unbelievable fourth quarter with everyone working well as a team, it was looking good. C. Watson had a great quarter making good jump shots when it counted and swishing her free throws, L. Hare also had a strong finish getting players open under the basket with D. Doogan scoring a crucial basket edging Muskies into the lead with 30 seconds left.

An exciting finish, with fans on their feet, saw Muskies keep calm and hold the ball under pressure to clinch a final place.

Scorers: C. Black 18, Y. Van Wees 15, P. Schweikert 12, L. Hare 10, C.Watson 8.

Tayside Musketeers 40, Edinburgh Kool Kats 49

TAYSIDE Musketeers Junior Women’s team came into the semi-finals of the Scottish cup ready to win, but were full of nerves and had a slower start than usual.

Luckily, they were able to catch it up by the end of the first quarter with Y. Van Wees and C. Black scoring a couple of speedy fast breaks leaving Kats only up by two.

At the start of the second quarter J. O’Donnell dominated on rebounds and C. McLoughlin hit a major three pointer to start the quarter, but sadly this wasn’t enough to hold the whole quarter with Muskies losing it 13-5.

They came out into the second half with their heads back up again and ready to fight. The nerves were still sitting on every one of them and Kats came out playing a stormer.

By the fourth quarter the nerves had calmed and Muskies came back powering through cats with C. Black and Y. Van Wees leading the team strong and dominating nearly every fast break. D. Doogan also came back strong and full of fight hitting an important jump shot. Sadly it was just too late, Muskies couldn’t take the pressure with the final scoring finishing 49-40 Edinburgh Kool Kats.

Scorers: C. Black 13, Y. Van Wees 9, D. Doogan 8.