Joseph celebrates new sister with big catch

Carlogie Dam

THOSE fishing successfully at Carlogie Dam Fishings over the past week included Sandy McAllan, Arbroath, who caught 17 fish returned 15 and kept two weighing 4lbs on various lures; and Jim Tait, Forfar, caught 20-plus, returned 20 and kept five weighing 13lbs on a green pea.

Joseph Placentino (5½), Broughty Ferry, fishing with his grandad Sturrock, caught two rainbows weighing 5lb 8oz on a cats whisker - almost as heavy as his baby sister who was born the next day!

A. Anderson, Dundee, caught four, returned two and kept two weighing 4lb on a yellow dancer; George Bell, Arbroath, caught six, returned four and kept two weighing 4lb 4oz on a green and black fritz; Ken Oram, Dundee, caught nine, returned seven, and kept two weighing 7lb 8oz on various wets; A. McBay, Dundee, caught five, returned three and kept two weighing 4lb 8oz on wets; and S. Falconer, Arbroath, caught 14, returned 12 and kept two weighing 4lb 12oz on lures.

Catch and release: Colin Murray c&r 20+ on buzzers; Brian Longmuir, Arbroath, c&r 18 on nomad and buzzers; Dave Simpson, Forfar c&r 11 on lures; Dave Thoms, Carnoustie, c&r 14 on buzzers and dries; Fred Longmuir, Arbroath, c&r eight on lures; Chris Cooper, Dundee, c&r 10 on buzzers; George Nicoll, Carnoustie, c&r 10 on blobs; Richard Young, Carnoustie, c&r seven on CDCs; Wullie Milne, Forfar, c&r eight on buzzers and dries, Dave Mahoney, Dundee, c&r 17 on buzzers, his best a rainbow weighing 13lb, Colin Cameron, Dundee, c&r 20+ on buzzers, his best a rainbow weighing 14lb; and Martin Roberts, Arbroath c&r 17 on buzzers his best a rainbow weighing 11lb.