Ladies’ darts fixtures

Carnoustie Ladies’ Darts League (sponsored by Corner Hotel)

IN THE triples competition at the Stag and Corner on Thursday (May 5) the qualifiers for finals night were Irene Scott, Michelle Scott and Nikki Whitton, Golf Inn A, and Agnes Grant, Joyce Ramsay and Evelyn Brand, All Stars.

Thursday’s fixture: Singles Competition. Players should sign-in 7.45 p.m. for 8 p.m. start as follows:

At Corner - Kath Callaghan, Golf Inn A; *Irene Scott, Golf Inn A; *Shiona Torrie, All Stars; Jen Spark, Golf Inn; Shirley Morris, Corner; Lisa Jamieson, Stag; Sandra Sandilands, Kinloch; Jackie Johnston, Golf Inn.

At All Stars - Moira Mentiply, All Stars; Fiona Keillor, Golf Inn; *Nichola Egan, Stag; Margaret McKenzie, Corner; Chris Smith, Corner; Fiona Smith, Corner; *Tracey Martin, Stag.

At Kinloch - Joan Fraser, Corner; *Irene McLennan, Corner; June Findlay, Golf Inn A; Rose Mackintosh, Kinloch; Nikki Whitton, Golf Inn A; *Janet Martin, Stag; Debbie Smith, Stag.

At Stag - Nichola Ash, Stag; Sarah Martin, Stag; Kirsten Lyon, Golf Inn; Joyce Ramsay, All Stars; *Kath Allan, All Stars; *Maureen Fraser, Golf Inn; Agnes Grant, All Stars.

* board controller

Play down to one at each venue.

Broughty Ferry Darts League

WINNERS of the fours final held in the Eagle on Monday night were F. McDonald, T. Ferguson, A. Dodds, G. Wilson, D. MacIntosh and G. Kettles, Occidental A (1).

J. Duthie, T. Grierson, P. Coughlin, R. Walker and M. Coughlin, Royal A (1), were the runners-up.

Monday’s fixture: Threes Final, at Anchor. The following teams should sign-in by 7.45 p.m. for an 8 p.m. start: F. Thomson, B. McKenzie, B. Dunn, C. Kirkcaldy and B. Johnston, Eagle (1); G. Adams, R. Taylor, M. Steele and J. Gibson, Vault (1); G. Kettles, F. McDonald, T. Ferguson, G. Wilson and K. Muir, Occidental A (1); and P. Coughlin, J. Duthie, R. Walker, D. Ellis and M. Coughlin, Royal A (1).

Carnoustie Darts League (sponsored by Leisure Time Transport)

LEAGUE champions Corner completed the double by defeating 19TH Hole in the final of the Knock-out Cup on Monday night.

Result: Knock-out Cup, final - Corner 5, 19TH Hole 4.

Monday’s fixture: Open Singles Competition. Players and venues are as follows:

At Corner - B. Mackintosh, 19TH Hole; *S. Yeaman, Corner; P. Simpson, Craw’s Nest; D. Cargill, Kinloch; S. Mudie, Golf Inn; F. Smith, Corner; B. Burgess, Stag; M. Black, Stag; T. Martin, Stag; J. Torrie, Craw’s Nest; J. Burns, Craw’s Nest; G. Tindall, Kinloch; K. Burns, Craw’s Nest.

At Stag - K. Liddell, Golf Inn; S. Smith, Corner; D. Mellon, Kinloch; E. Brand, All Stars; *G. Murdoch, 19TH Hole; C. Percival, All Stars; I. Kinnear, 19TH Hole; G. Merrilees, Kinloch; K. Lyon, Golf Inn; S. Bell, Kinloch; I. Ferrie, Craw’s Nest; R. Gowans, 19TH Hole; G. Heald, 19TH Hole.

At All Stars - R. McGill, 19TH Hole; F. Dundas, All Stars; A. Forsyth, Corner; P. Drummond, Kinloch; R. MacDonald, Golf Inn; S. Johnstone, All Stars; B. Martin, Stag; *A. McGill, Stag; G. Neave, Corner; M. Taylor, Corner; A. Johnstone, All Stars; G. Elrick, Kinloch; L. Jamieson, All Stars.

At 19TH Hole - A. Black, Golf Inn; B. Penman, Stag; A. Thomson, Stag; J. Johnston, Golf Inn; J. Elliott, Stag; N. Whitton, Golf Inn; M. McLeish, Craw’s Nest; G. Irvine, Craw’s Nest; R. Smith, Craw’s Nest; A. Graham, Stag; R. Fraser, Corner; M. Barnett, Golf Inn; *K. Robertson, 19TH Hole.

* board controller

Down to two players at each venue.