Late fightback not enough for FPs

CARNOUSTIE High School FPs entertained league leaders, Grangemouth Stags, on Saturday on a wet, soft pitch.

The homesters got the game going in the worst possible manner, by kicking the ball out on the full. From the scrum Grangemouth kicked with FPs fielding and running the ball back, but they were penalised for not releasing on the ground.

The visitors tapped the penalty and drove, received a further penalty and drove again, fielding sufficient space to drive over for the opening try which was not converted.

The restart was fielded by the visitors with Carnoustie going offside at the ruck. Stags missed touch with FPs fielding and driving before kicking and the visitors then knocked on.

The home players drove from the scrum and gained a penalty, but missed the posts. From the drop-out, FPs fielded then kicked with Grangemouth fielding, but Carnoustie’s follow on was quick and the kick out of defence was charged down. With the defence lying on the loose ball, the homesters were awarded a penalty which was again missed.

From the drop-out the Stags ran the ball back before kicking deep into home territory where the defence scrambled it into touch. Grangemouth won the line-out and drove strongly to cross with the conversion added.

They fielded the restart and found touch, but FPs drove from the line-out, gained a penalty and again drove strongly. They were held up over the line but maintained good field position and kicked down the line. However, the Grangemouth defence was able to touch down. The position was then replicated at the other end when Stags chipped ahead, but this time it was a Carnoustie defence touchdown.

Half-time: Carnoustie 0, Grangemouth 12.

The visitors restarted with FPs knocking on, and from the scrum Stags sent the ball wide but were again held up over the line. From the scrum they attacked again, finding space out wide to cross, but with no conversion.

The homesters restarted and recovered the ball enabling them to drive to the line, but Grangemouth recovered the ball and cleared upfield where Carnoustie knocked on.

FPs then gained a penalty and although touch was not found, the visitors knocked on. From the scrum, Carnoustie sent the ball wide with full back DEAN NICHOLSON joining the line to power over, but again the conversion failed.

Carnoustie then failed to secure the restart allowing Grangemouth to get the ball and they immediately sent it wide with the winger breaking clear for the try and with the conversion added.

The restart was fielded by the visitors and returned through the hands before it was knocked on and from the scrum FPs drove, but were forced into touch. The line-out throw wasn’t straight, but then Grangemouth were penalised at the scrum.

The homesters tapped and drove, but were forced into touch five metres short of the line. Carnoustie then gained a penalty at the line-out and set up several drives, gained a further penalty and drove again with DANIE VAN NIEKERK driving over, but again with no conversion.

FPs fielded the restart, found touch and Grangemouth knocked on at the line. From the scrum Carnoustie drove before kicking into space, where the ball held up just short of the line. KYLE BURWOOD won the chase, diving to scoop up the ball cleanly and touch down, but as before with no conversion.

Carnoustie team: Nicholson, Thoms, Burwood, G. Langlands, Lawton, Swanson, Rankin, Hall, Bowles, Dawson, Millar, Coates, Addison, Franco, Paxton, Murray, Van Niekerk, Hughes, Reid, B. Langlands, Christie, Fraser.

RBS Caledonia Regional League Division Two Midlands

P W D L B Pts

Grangemouth Stags RFC 11 9 0 2 9 45

Stirling University RFC 12 9 0 3 8 44

Harris Academy FPRFC 12 9 0 3 8 44

Glenrothes 9 8 0 1 7 39

Madras Rugby 13 6 0 7 5 29

Alloa 13 5 0 8 5 25

Panmure 11 4 0 7 6 22

Kinross 11 4 0 7 3 19

Carnoustie HSFP 12 2 0 10 5 9

Fife Southern 10 1 0 98 1 5