Late pressure undoes Carnoustie at home

Carnoustie 12, Kinross 15

CARNOUSTIE High School FPs played host to Kinross in a league fixture on Saturday. The pitch was soft but overhead conditions good.

The home side got the game going with Kinross fielding and running the ball, and immediately being awarded a penalty. Although finding touch, the throw in at the line out wasn’t straight. Carnoustie won the scrum and then found touch. A further scrum was won and a drive set up, gaining a penalty, from which Chris Rankin opened the scoring.

The restart was taken by Craig Dawson, sent through the hands, driven, and sent further wide, before being stopped. Colin Jeffrey then broke strongly from a scrum, but the ball was then knocked on. Kinross cleared from the scrum. FPs then set up several drives, from a further scrum, and gained a penalty, which Chris Rankin converted.

Carnoustie then conceded a penalty, from which Kinross found touch and sent the ball wide, but when looking dangerous, sent out a forward pass. From the scrum, the home side set up a series of drives and then went wide, but knocked on. Kinross won the scrum, but under pressure, the scrum half threw a wild pass over his stand off’s head, and the covering man knocked on.

From the scrum, Carnoustie drove, drawing the penalty, but the kick was wide of the posts. The drop out failed to cross the line, and at the scrum FPs turned the ball over, only for Kinross to do likewise, and allow Carnoustie to send the ball wide, but again they knocked on.

The visitors won the scrum, but under pressure the ball went loose, and although they regained the ball on the ground, they failed to release, giving Chris Rankin another three points. Owen Hughes fielded the restart and brought the half to an end, by clearing the ball to touch.

Half time: Carnoustie 9, Kinross 0.

Kinross restarted with Carnoustie fielding, and going through the hands, before kicking the ball to touch. Kinross won the line-out, and set up drives, but were forced to touch. The visitors drove from the line-out, but were stopped, and conceded a penalty.

FPs went through the hands, but passed forward, allowing Kinross to set up drives and then kick, but the ball was long and touched down. The drop out was kicked long, but run back by the visitors and a penalty gained. Carnoustie failed to retire, and a further penalty was conceded, which Kinross converted.

The homesters fielded the restart, but the ball was knocked on, and at the scrum, a free kick conceded. Kinross tapped and drove, found space, and crossed the line, but failed to convert. The visitors drove from the kick off, and, with the help of two consecutive penalties, took a kick to the posts, but missed the target.

The drop out was long, and, although Kinross ran the ball back. they made a forward pass. From the scrum, kicks were exchanged, before Carnoustie ran the ball back, forcing Kinross to concede a penalty, which Niall Swanston converted.

The restart kick was long, pinning FPs deep in their own half, and although they defended heroically, strong driving from Kinross, eventually told, and they found a gap to cross, and convert. The restart was long, and, although Kinross were caught in possession, Carnoustie could not build pressure as the full-time whistle blew.

Team: Burwood, Lynch, Cook, McNichol, Nicholson, Shepherd, Jeffrey, Dawson, C. Murray, Fraser, McDonald, Coates, Rankin, Hughes, Pattullo, Bowles, Swanston, E. Murray and Morton.

Carnoustie are at home again this week, playing host to St. Andrews University.