Latest returns reported at local fisheries

Carlogie Dam

VISITING anglers at Carlogie Dam Fishings this week included Walt Senior, from Aberdeen, who caught 13 fish, returned eight and kept five weighing 14lbs 6oz caught on a WSW, his best being a rainbow weighing 6lbs.

Jock Ewing, also Aberdeen, caught 20 fish, returned 15 and kept five weighing 11lbs 8oz on a WSW. Jim McGuire, Aberdeen, caught seven fish, returned three and kept four weighing 7lbs. Davy Wood, another Aberdonian, caught six fish, returned one and kept five weighing 10lbs 8oz caught on a WSW.

Jim Taie, from Forfar, caught nine fish, returned four and kept five weighing 11lbs 8oz, all on lures. Tony Fenemore, Broughty Ferry, caught nine fish, returned five and kept four fish weighing 9lbs 8oz on a Geordie’s buzzer. D. Johnston, from Dundee, caught five fish, returned three and kept two weighing 4lbs 2oz on buzzers. I. Johnston, also Dundee, caught four fish, returned two and kept two weighing 4lbs 8oz on various lures.

On catch and release this week were George Woods, from Montrose, who caught and returned 19 fish on dries and buzzers. Derek Birse, Forfar, caught and returned 10 fish caught on lures and blobs. Dave Thoms, from Carnoustie, caught and returned 11 fish on dries and buzzers.

Ian Wallace, Montrose, caught and returned 12 fish all on buzzers. Tim Hale, from Friockheim, caught and returned 10 fish on buzzers. Colin Cameron, Broughty Ferry, caught and returned eight fish on buzzers. Jim Marnie, Dundee, caught and returned five fish on dries.

Hugh Cassidy, from Dundee, caught and returned four fish on dries. Ali Stewart, Dundee, caught and returned four fish on lures. Dave Mahoney, from Dundee, caught and returned four fish on buzzers. Derek Glover, also Dundee, caught and returned six fish on buzzers.

Fraser Robertson, Forfar, caught and returned 16 fish on buzzers. Jim Tait, also from Forfar, caught and returned 11 fish all on dries. Dave Roy from Barnhill caught and returned 10 fish on a suspend or buzzer.


THE FISHING this week at Forbes of Kingennie has been very good despite the changeable weather.

After all the heavy rain from last week the ponds have cleared nicely and all the fresh water is doing the fishing the world of good. The Bankside has been the most consistent pond with most anglers coming off with there fish. The Boathouse has been trickier with fish wising up to lures very quickly the natural approach has been the best tactic.

The top method on the bankside this week has been to fish the dry fly.

Small shuttlecocks and flies have been very effective. For those wanting to fish lures the top fly has been a small white muddler or a cat’s whisker. The biggest fish of the week was taken by Mr Crooks on Friday night with a rainbow of 10lb 8oz on a cat’s whisker. This helped make the best bag of the week with four for 16lb

The Boathouse has fished well with fish of up to 9lb being caught with the average being around 5lb. The top method has been small damsels and vivas on a clear glass with buzzers taking several fish as well. The best bag of the week went to Mr Mitchell with four rainbows for 27lb taken on buzzers.

The Burnside has continued to fish well with bags of up to 20 a session being caught. Most methods have been taking fish including lures and buzzers but dry fly has been the most effective method when the fish are on the surface. The top bag this week went to Mr Whiteford with four for 8lb with 21 released most of the fish fell to dries and buzzers.

The water level on the Woodside is back to full height and the fishing has been steady with most fish coming to powerbait or the worm the spinner and corn continue to take plenty fish also. The biggest fish this week went to Mr Wishart with a rainbow of 3lb 12oz caught on a spinner.