Leaders held as van wyk kicks nine

Danny Van Wyke, who scored all of Carnoustie's points, converts another penalty. Photo courtesy of Willie Coleman.
Danny Van Wyke, who scored all of Carnoustie's points, converts another penalty. Photo courtesy of Willie Coleman.

Alloa RFC 9, Carnoustie HSFP 9.

Carnoustie visited Alloa for a league match on Saturday. The pitch was wet and the overhead conditions were heavy.

The visitors kicked off, with the ball finding touch from an Alloa player. They took the line-out cleanly and drove strongly to gain a penalty which DANNY VAN WYK converted.

Carnoustie took the restart cleanly and set up a drive before kicking upfield and, with good field position established, they again won a clean line out ball and drove again to gain a further penalty, which DANNY VAN WYK again converted.

Alloa restarted with Carnoustie fielding and going to ground, but not releasing the ball and the penalty was conceded, which the home side converted.

From the restart a period of play in midfield was broken by FPs driving forward to gain a further penalty and DANNY VAN WYK kicked his third conversion.

From the restart kicks were exchanged before Carnoustie went offside. The penalty found a deep touch, but the visitors took the line-out, cleared and then pressed forward, stabbing a kick through the line, but the ball ran into the dead ball area and Alloa touched down.

From the drop out, kicks were exchanged before the home side found a deep touch from a penalty, won the line-out and drove almost to the line, but Carnoustie turned the ball over and cleared, although not finding touch.

Alloa ran the ball back, but were stopped and from the scrum ball they knocked on. FPs again drove upfield, before putting the ball through the hands, and they then drove from a line-out to push the homesters back, but then lost a free kick for feeding the scrum.

Alloa kicked, but Carnoustie fielded and ran the ball, before knocking on. Both teams then ran the ball, but both knocked on, bringing the half to an end.

Half-time: Alloa RFC 3, Carnoustie HSFP 9.

Alloa got the game under way in the second half and Carnoustie fielded and drove, but turned the ball over. The home side failed to take advantage by knocking on and FPs then did likewise.

Carnoustie then missed touch with a penalty, but made amends by taking the line out and driving, but again losing the ball. They then turned over Alloa ball and broke strongly down the wing, before being stopped and the home side then returned upfield, with driving play, to gain a penalty, which they converted.

From the restart, kicks were exchanged before Jason Donnachie broke down the wing. He was stopped by a strong cover tackle. Carnoustie again drove the ball, but lost possession and Alloa made a break, but the visitors’ defence was sound, driving the ball carrier into touch.

The homesters were now pressing hard and, from a penalty, brought the scores level.

From the restart kicks were exchanged before Carnoustie knocked on and Alloa put the ball through the hands, but the visitors turned it over.

Carnoustie then put a good passing movement together to make ground, only to make a forward pass and with the end in sight they piled forward to gain a penalty, some distance out, but worth a pot at goal, but unfortunately the ball fell just short. Almost immediately the referee blew for full-time.

This was an intense, hard match and a credit to both sides.

Team - M. McQueen, J. Donnachie, G. Johns, C. Addison, M. Downie, D. Van Wyk, C. Rankin, A. Schweizer, F. Simpson, C. Dawson, O. Schweizer, K. Franco, A. Franco, S. Looseman, I. Reid, D. Campbell, N. Bowles, L. Thoms and D. Findlay.

Tomorrow’s match

Tomorrow (Saturday) Carnoustie travel to Forthill to play neighbours Panmure in the BT Caledonia League Division Two Midlands with a 2 p.m. Kick-off.

New Year Dook

Carnoustie Rugby Club will again host the 2015 New Year Dook.  All dookers are asked to download the consent form from Carnoustie HSFP RFC web site. There will be more news on The Dook nearer the day.

Other results: Stirling University RFC 17, Grangemouth Stags RFC 37; Howe of Fife 2nd XV 58, Panmure 17; Kinross 29, Madras Rugby 0; Harris Academy RFc 80, Blairgowrie RFC 0.

BT Caledonia League Division Two Midlands


Harris FP RFC 9 8 1 0 8 0 40

Alloa 9 7 1 1 7 0 37

Carnoustie 9 7 1 1 4 1 35

Kinross 9 5 4 0 4 1 25

Grangemouth 8 4 4 0 5 1 22

Madras Rugby 9 4 5 0 4 0 20

Howe 2nd XV 9 3 6 0 4 2 18

Stirling Uni 9 3 6 0 3 2 17

Panmure 8 1 7 0 1 0 5

Blairgowrie 9 1 8 0 0 1 5