League Cup results and fixtures

In the first games of Carnoustie Pool League League Cup, Stag’s Head and 19th Hole recorded good wins in Section A and Taymouth Corner and Kinloch were the winners in Section B.

Results: Section A – Stag’s Head 7, Craw’s Nest 5; 19th Hole 9, Dalhousie 3: Section B – Corner 2, Taymouth Corner 10; Kinloch 8, British Legion 4.C. Sandford and C. Oldershaw, Stag’s Head had 8-ball clearances.

Fixtures: Section A – 19th Hole A v 19th Hole; Dalhousie v Stag’s Head; free week, Craw’s Nest: Section B – Taymouth Corner v Kinloch; British Legion v Corner.