League leaders too strong for FPs

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CARNOUSTIE entertained league leaders Harris in their third consecutive home game, hoping to gain points to add to their haul from the last two weeks.

The homesters kicked off with Harris fielding, but the ball catcher was driven into touch. FPs won the line-out and went wide, but the visiting defence was solid and a knock-on was forced. At the scrum, the homesters were penalised when the front row popped out and Harris found touch and also won the line-out, going wide at pace and outstripping the defence to touch down and convert.

The visitors fielded the restart and played the ball through the hands, but were forced into touch. FPs knocked-on at the line-out and Harris won the scrum and again went wide, at pace, returning the ball inside which enabled them to touch down and convert. Carnoustie fielded the restart and Johnny Christie broke upfield with the ball, quickly recycled and chipped ahead, but Harris failed to field cleanly and were penalised. FPs drove from the scrum, but conceded a penalty and Harris kicked to touch.

The homesters lost the line-out, with Harris driving, before releasing their backs who broke through to touch down and convert. The restart went out on the full and Harris won the scrum and gained a penalty, but FPs took the line-out against the throw, drove and then chipped ahead to gain a penalty. Touch was found, but the ball was knocked on at the line-out and from the scrum Harris again broke wide, but this time stout defending stopped the move.

The visitors drove again, but FPs turned the ball over, only to knock-on and, as before, from the scrum Harris went wide enabling them to touch down and convert.

Carnoustie restarted with Harris knocking on and this time the homesters won the scrum and drove, before passing out wide to standoff NIALL SWANSON who ran wide, checked, cut back inside and stretched out to put the ball down on the line. Unfortunately the conversion went wide.

Half time: Carnoustie 5, Harris 28.

Harris restarted the second half with the ball cleanly taken by Carnoustie and Johnny Christie driving strongly, gained a scrum which they won and the ball was sent wide before being kicked. When Harris next had the ball, they went wide, recycled and came wide on the other side to cross and convert.

FPs restarted with the visitors kicking upfield where Carnoustie fielded and ran the ball back before being stopped. Harris again went wide, but this time were forced to touch. Harris won the scrum and played the ball wide before breaking down the wing to cross, but this time with no conversion.

Carnoustie kicked off, regained the ball, set up a drive, recycled and drove again, to gain a penalty. A quick tap was taken and the ball was played to COLIN MURRAY who drove to the line to touch down with the conversion added.

The visitors restarted and Johnny Christie again drove hard, but the ball was turned over. Harris cleared and Carnoustie knocked on, but then made amends by taking the scrum and going wide to the wing before feeding inside to JASON DONNACHIE who broke through the defence to touch down, but with no conversion.

The Harris response was immediate, taking the restart and driving, recycling and driving again before going wide, and when stopped, again driving to the line to touch down with the conversion added.

From the restart, the visitors played the ball in an offside position and the penalty was tapped and driven, gaining another penalty which again was driven, recycled and fed to NIALL SWANSON who touched down under the posts and this time the conversion was added.

Harris restarted and regained the ball, again going wide to touch down and convert.

In a very open game Carnoustie toiled at times, but showed courage and determination to gain a bonus point for four tries.

Team: Thoms, Shepherd, Burwood, Cook, Donnachie, Swanston, C. Rankin, Hall, Bowles, Murray, Dawson, D. Rankin, Franco, Reid, Millar, Christie, Downie, Nicholson, Jeffrey, Paxton, Finn.

Tomorrow’s game

Tomorrow (Saturday) FPs are at Stirling University with a 3 p.m. kick-off.

RBS Caledonia Regional League

Division Two Midlands

P W D L B Pts

Harris Academy FPRFC 8 7 0 1 6 34

Stirling University RFC 8 6 0 2 5 29

Glenrothes 6 6 0 0 4 28

Grangemouth Stags RFC 6 4 0 2 4 20

Alloa 8 3 0 5 3 15

Madras Rugby 8 3 0 5 2 14

Carnoustie HSFP 7 2 0 5 4 12

Panmure 7 2 0 5 3 11

Kinross 8 2 0 6 3 11

Fife Southern 6 1 0 5 1 5