Local teams on form

IN THE Hunter Cup competition, both Carnoustie West End teams won their semi-finals to reach the final at Newport Bowling Club on Tuesday (May 15).

Monifieth Club

IN THEIR two friendlies at the weekend, Monfieth Bowling Club enjoyed a double win against Kirriemuir and Duffus Park.

Monifieth v Kirriemuir

24 R. Wynd G. Balfour 15

27 P.R. Brodie P. Coultart 14

19 J. Friel G. Taylor 16

17 A. Sturrock W. Cochrane 14

14 J. Statter R. Milne 23

101 82

Duffus Park v Monifieth

15 J. McIntyre P. Lowe 13

18 G. Sharp A. Jones 13

18 K. Smith W.J. Howie 20

8 F. Muir O. Gray 25

22 G. Kerr D. Mayes 14

8 A. Kinmont A. Brankin 22

89 107

Fixtures: Gents: Saturday; Forfar, home 2 p.m. five rinks. Forfar, away 2.30 p.m., five rinks. Sunday; Ladies v Gents. Ladies: Sunday; R.G. Arthur mixed fours. Wednesday; Longforgan, home 2 p.m. two rinks. Thursday; Dudhope, home 2 p.m. two rinks.

Bowls Scotland District Fours

RESULTS: Senior Rinks, round one – Hope Paton ‘A’ 12, Carnoustie West End ‘B’ 19; Brechin ‘A’ 16, Monifieth ‘A’ 6; Dudhope ‘A’ 12, Monifieth ‘B’ 15; Carnoustie 9, Baxter Park ‘A’ 14; Barnhill ‘A’ 11, Carnoustie West End ‘A’ 14; Broughty Castle 15, Lochee ‘B’ 13.

City of Dundee Bowling Association

BROUGHTY and Barnhill lost to Dudhope and Hillcrest respectively in the City of Dundee BA Seniors League on Tuesday afternoon.

Results: Broughty 26 shots (2 points), Dudhope 28 (4); Baxter Park 22 (2), Fairfield 35 (4); Hillcrest 35 (4), Barnhill 22 (2); Balgay 36 (4), Lochee 35 (2); Maryfield 44 (6), Strathmartine 25 (0); Longforgan 26 (0), Muirhead 33 (6).

Dundee and District Wednesday Bowling Association

IN THE Dundee and District Wednesday Bowling Association Killacky Pairs competition results were – Maryfield 11, Broughty 19; Fairfield 23, Broughty Castle 16; Monifieth 15, Strathmartine 17; Dudhope 12, Barnhill 23. Millar Triples – Broughty 10, Broughty Castle 11; Muirhead and Birkhill 12, Barnhill 13; Longforgan 21, Monifieth 4.

Hunter Cup

RESULTS: semi-finals – Carnoustie West End (2) 15, Broughty (2) 14; Carnoustie West End (1) 24, Wormit (2) 9.

Specsavers Angus Leagues

RESULTS: May 4, Division One – Forfar 37, Carnoustie West End 52; Broughty 40, Arbroath 67. Division Two – Barnhill 67, Monifieth 41.


BOWLS Scotland Senior Rinks, round two, Monday 2 p.m. start – Carnoustie West End ‘B’ v Abbey ‘A’ at Letham; Lochlands ‘B’ v Monifieth ‘B’ at Carnoustie West End; Baxter Park ‘A’ v Carnoustie West End ‘A’ at Broughty Castle; Newgate ‘A’ v Broughty Castle, Canmore ‘B’ v Broughty Castle ‘A’, Broughty ‘B’ v Arbroath at Carnoustie; Barnhill ‘B’ v Forfar ‘B’ at Canmore.

City and County Championships: Local players picked for City of Dundee Bowling Association v Aberdeen and Kincardine at Balgay Bowling Club Sunday May 12; S. Buist, Barnhill, Rink four; B. Morris, Broughty Castle, Rink five; G. Grant, Barnhill, I. Bell, Broughty Castle, Rink six; Reserve pool: G. McComskie, K. Smith, Broughty Castle. All players report to Balgay Bowling Club 1 p.m. If unavailable please contact Association Secretary J.R. Duncan 01382 612264.

Northern Counties match: Local players picked for the Angus Bowling Association v Northern Counties Inverness Bowling Club on tomorrow (Saturday) at 2 p.m. are – Rink two, R. Burnett, Rink four, R. Torrie, Rink five, D. McGill, Rink six, M. Black. All Carnoustie West End. Bus leaves Newgate Bowling Club at 8 a.m. with a pick-up at Brechin. Anyone unable to play phone Secretary Peter Clyne 01575573156.

Barclay Cup: round one, Wednesday May 23 at 10 a.m. – Longforgan v Broughty, Monifieth v Invergowrie. Wednesday May 23 at 2 p.m. – Barnhill v Carnoustie, Carnoustie West End v Errol, Edzell v Broughty Castle.

Hunter Cup, final: Tuesday; Carnoustie West End (1) v Carnoustie West End (2) at Newport Bowling Club.

Specsavers Angus Leagues: May 18, Division One – Fairfield v Carnoustie West End, Broughty v Dudhope. Division Two – Kirriemuir v Monifieth, Barnhill v Brechin. Division Three – Longforgan v Broughty Castle