Lures are the icebreaker at local ponds


THE ICE is proving to be a slight inconvenience to the anglers at Forbes of Kingennie.

The Bankside has been the worst affected. The bays have stayed clear with most of the ice being on the dam wall. At Kingennie they have been out daily breaking it which seems to be making all the difference.

The black and green lure is still taking most of the fish but buzzers fished on a washing line have also been very effective.

The Burnside has been fine with just a small amount of ice in one corner. This hasn’t affected the fishing with lots of fish coming to damsels and black and green lures fished slow on a floating line.

The Woodside has continued to fish very well with powerbait being the best method by far. Mr Walls took a 3lbs 7ozs rainbow on powerbait eggs under the float on Sunday.

The Boathouse has stayed very clear and ice free which has really helped with most anglers managing to get their fish. Most lures on an intermediate seem to be working with the best fish this week taken by Boab Miller with a very silvery rainbow weighing 8lbs.

There are still a couple of spaces left for the completion on December 31 for both the Burnside and the Boathouse.

If you are interested in fishing it please call the shop on 01382 350777/350213 for more details.

Carlogie Dam

SUCCESSFUL anglers at Carlogie Dam Fishings last week included C. Millroy, Dundee, who caught five fish and kept two weighing 4lbs 4ozs on lures.

Others were: Bob Harvey, Leuchars, caught 10 and kept two weighing 4lbs 8ozs on lures; Ali Reid, Carnoustie, caught and returned eight fish caught on a pink fritz; Ally Stewart, Dundee, caught and returned 10 fish caught on various lures.

Bruce Thomson, Arbroath, caught and returned 12 fish, all caught on buzzers; Gordon Skelton, Arbroath, caught and returned three fish caught on lures; Frank Ferrier, Arbroath, caught and returned six fish caught on a little beastie; R. Carruthers, Dundee, caught and returned six fish all caught on buzzers.

Dave Mahoney, Dundee, caught and returned three fish caught on buzzers; Rodney Main, Abroath, caught and returned five fish caught on a cat’s whisker; Jim Watson, Forfar, caught and returned 14 fish all caught on a bibio spider; Neil Husker, Dundee, caught and returned two fish caught on a damsel; John Orr, Carnoustie, caught and returned two fish caught on lures; and Shug Cassiday and Jim Marnie, both Dundee, caught one fish each both caught on a lure.