Mark’s title challenge ended by Susans

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Mark Fairweather’s challenge for the Boxing Scotland Ltd. senior welterweight title came to an end on Saturday in the Ravenscraig Regional Sports Complex.

In a gritty semi-final against Craig Susans, Dunfermline, Fairweather lost on a close split decision.

Susans took control of the bout from the first bell and the ducking and diving south-paw tactics caused Fairweather some problems. His usual fast accurate left jab deserted Fairweather in the first session, Susans slipping underneath and countering at close quarters with right and left hooks to body and head.

When he did get into range in the second, Fairweather’s jabs were more effective and gave Susans, something to think about causing him to regroup and force forward to the inside position where his hooking style was more suited against the more classical upright stance of the taller Fairweather.

The final round saw Fairweather push forward at every opportunity, knowing he needed a big finish to sway the judges. Susans defended well covering and slipping some of the shots and making Fairweather miss with some wild left-hooks.

The verdict went to the judges and after a tense wait the result was victory to Callum Susans by a close split decision.

Mark Fairweather was disappointed with the result but can take credit for getting to the semi-finals in the first instance and at another time in another place the result could be reversed, so closely matched were these two very sporting and respectful boxers.