Medals galore for St Thomas swimmers

St Thomas swimmers.
St Thomas swimmers.

St Thomas swimmers took part in a double header of galas at the weekend. At the Peak Leisure Centre in Stirling, six swimmers participated in the Alloa Graded Meet.

Ross Duncan took an impressive 11 seconds off his 200 individual medley (IM), came fifth in the 200 freestyle (FS) and 6th in his 200 breaststroke and backstroke. He comfortably won his backstroke race with some well executed turns.

Cameron Craig picked up a number of medals including an excellent silver in his 200 IM and during his 200 FS Cameron took an amazing nine seconds off his entry time taking fourth place.

Joshua Mitchell took three seconds off his 200 IM time, came fifth in his 50 backstroke and secured a silver medal in his 50 butterfly in a new personal best time.

Hannah Coull improved her 200 freestyle time by two seconds and swam superbly in her debut in the 100 fly taking second place in her heat and eighth overall. Hannah was also sixth in the 200 IM demonstrating much improved technique.

Elle McMillian was too fast in her 200 front crawl, 100 FS and picked up medals in her 50 FS and 50 backstroke.

Blythe Brown finished the meet as runner-up in the ‘Best Girl’ category. She came first in her 200 FS and 400 FS, second in her 100 fly and 200 IM, third in her 100 FS, 100 IM and 50 fly and she was too fast in the 200 backstroke (BK).

At the New Olympia, swimmers set 33 new personal bests on day one alone and over the course of the weekend won the following medals:

Gold - Nathan Watt, 200m fly, 2:11.90; George Cowan, 200m FC, 2:17.87; Sophie Smith, 100m FC, 1:00.99, 100m bk 1:12.89 and 200m IM; Ally Morrison, 100m BK 1:10.11, 200m BK, 200m IM.

Silver - George Cowan, 100m fly, 100m FC, 1:04.65, 100m breaststroke and 200m IM; Ben Morrison, 100m BK; Taylor Young, 100M breaststroke; Blair Geddes, 100m fly, 1:07.33; Ashley Thomson 100 fly.

Bronze - Blair Geddes, 100m breaststroke and 200m fly; Ben Morrison, 100m fly and 200m FC; Taylor Young, 200m IM; Ally Morrison, 100m FC, 100m breaststroke, 200m breaststroke; Katie Phillips,100m BK, 200m IM; Sophie Smith, 200m BK.

In the 12-year age group Robert Allan demonstrated skill in turns. Ben Morrison gained deserved personal bests and George Cowan won lots of medals and set many personal bests.

In the 14 year age group, Blair Geddes on his 50m FC had a great start with the correct depth and lots of power into his stroke.

In the 15 years and over group, Ross Geddes set a personal best in his 100m fly, swimming well and working hard. Blair Fotheringham demonstrated much improved technique with very good backstroke in all distances.

Nathan Watt continued his recent good form which saw him break the minute in his 100 fly. In the 200m fly with a strong start he took a couple of seconds off his entry time. Taylor Young produced a great effort in his 50m breast with a well deserved first and personal best.

In the girls’ 15 and over section, Katie Phillips worked hard for her medals setting many new personal bests in the process. Sarah Cummins demonstrated good technique throughout with some strong starts. Heather Ingram raced well on her 50m FC with a good turn and finish and in her 100m fly she swam with a good stroke rate and well executed turn.

In the 13 years category, Ally Morrison won lots of medals and set some impressive personal bests. Ashley Thomson was on good form. She worked well underwater and finally broke her long standing 100 fly personal best.

Competing in the 12 years section, Sophie Smith won three gold medals and set many well deserved personal bests with great racing skills and medals.