Narrow defeat

CARNOUSTIE PANBRIDE lost narrowly in their latest match in Division One of Dundee Area Badminton Association with second lady Teresa Lapadula and second gent Colin McLeod winning four sets each.

In Division Two, Carnoustie Panbride (2) lost heavily in their match against Abertay University with second lady Norma Angus and second gent Julian McLean winning three sets each.

Division One

Result: Carnoustie Panbride 2, Dundee University (2) 3.

Fixtures: March 20 - Harris v Carnoustie Panbride, Harris Academy.

Division Two

Result: Carnoustie Panbride (2) 1, Abertay University 6.

Fixtures: March 19 - Dundee University (3) v Carnoustie Panbride (2), Dundee ISE.

Division Three

Fixtures: March 19 - St Stephens v Arbroath Academy, St Stephens. March 20 - Monifieth v Abertay University (2), Monifieth Panmure.