Narrow win for FPs in Regional Bowl

CARNOUSTIE HSFP journeyed to Blairgowrie on Saturday to meet the local team in the RBS Caledonian Regional Bowl.

The visitors made the worst possible start by kicking out on the full. Blairgowrie won the scrum and cleared to touch.  FPs kicked from the line-out, but failed to make touch and Blair’ ran the ball back to gain a penalty but, from the line-out, they failed to release the ball on the ground.

The visitors found touch and from the line-out kicks were exchanged with Craig Anderson making good touch.  The homesters won the line-out and sent the ball wide. However, after being stopped by a high tackle, they were awarded a penalty from which they opened the scoring.

Blair’ fielded the restart and played the ball out, but were pulled up for crossing in midfield.  Carnoustie went for goal but failed to find the posts.  From the drop out, the home team ran the ball back, but Ross Coates stopped the movement with a great tackle. FPs won the subsequent scrum and sent the ball wide before kicking to set up field position.  From the line-out a series of drives was set up and Chris Rankin found space to run into and cross the line, but he couldn’t make the conversion.

The visitors failed to secure the restart cleanly with the ball going to ground. It was snapped up by Blairgowrie and played wide.  Carnoustie stopped the movement, but conceded a penalty, from which the homesters regained the lead.

The rush of points continued, with Blair’ dropping the ball and conceding a penalty which Bruce Langlands kicked, regaining the lead for FPs.

The visitors fielded the restart but again lost the ball and, in frustration, conceded a penalty to allow the home side to retake the lead.

On the touchline the home players drove but were stopped, and from the scrum, were penalised.  Langlands had the misfortune to hit an emblem on top of the post and the ball came back into play with Blair’ clearing.

The homesters then won scrum ball but were strongly pressured and failed to pick up the ball which went loose. Colin Jeffrey reacted quickly to snap up the loose ball but a sturdy home defence recovered to stop him doing any harm.

Then, from a scrum, Blair’ made a good break down the wing but a solid tackle from Kyle Burwood brought the move to a halt. FPs cleared upfield to touch and when the homesters were penalised for a crooked throw, Langlands kicked, but, unbelievably, struck the same emblem with the same result.  From the line-out, Carnoustie drove to gain a penalty, but again the posts were missed.

Half-time: Blairgowrie 9, Carnoustie 8.

The home team restarted with Langlands fielding and a drive being set up. A scrum was won with the ball being kicked to touch.  Blair’ won the line-out and sent the ball wide but, were stopped by a solid tackle from Craig Anderson.  Carnoustie’s kicking difficulties continued, with another kick to the posts missed.  From the drop-out, FPs broke only to lose the ball. From the scrum they kicked, but Blair’ gained a penalty, to clear their lines.

From the scrum, Carnoustie put the ball through the hands but knocked on, allowing the homesters to clear.  From a further scrum, Rankin broke before putting the ball through the hands but an excellent move ended with an ill timed run in support of the ball carrier.

From a crooked throw, the visitors won scrum ball and set up two good drives before gaining a penalty, Although the line-out was won, the ball went loose and Blairgowrie then set up two good drives, but were penalised for holding on.

The visitors went for too much length and missed touch, but Blairgowrie failed to take advantage and from a further penalty, again missed the posts. FPs fielded the drop-out and set up a series of drives to gain a further penalty which was kicked through the posts to give them the lead.

At the restart, Blair’ infringed and Carnoustie found a long touch only to knock on at the line-out.  From the scrum, the home team ran the ball but failed to release when stopped. The visitors again missed the posts from the penalty.

The home players ended the game on an even lower note, by knocking on a penalty tap.

Team:  Burwood, Coates, Roach, Anderson, Coffield, Langlands, Jeffrey, Hall, Murray, Addison, Dawson, Christie, Feighan, Rankin, Hughes, Shepherd, Swanson, Nicholson, Millar, Lynch and Cook.

Tomorrow’s match

Carnoustie return to league business tomorrow (Saturday) with an away game at Alloa.