News from the darts teams

Carnoustie Ladies’ Darts League

(sponsored by Corner Hotel)

QUALIFIERS for finals night from the doubles competition held in the Stag and Kinloch last Thursday, May 12, were Fiona Smith and Irene McLennan, Corner, and Tracey Martin and Lisa Jamieson, Stag.

Thursday’s fixture: Finals Night, at Corner, 8 p.m. start.

The annual presentation of trophies will take place in the Kinloch on Thursday, June 2. Team captains are reminded to bring bottle and raffle prizes.

Broughty Ferry Darts League

P. COUGHLIN, J. Duthie, R. Walker, D. Ellis and M. Coughlin, Royal A (1) are this year’s threes champions following the final in the Anchor on Monday night.

The runners-up were G. Kettles, F. McDonald, T. Ferguson, G. Wilson and K. Muir, Occidental A (1).

Monday’s fixture: Doubles Final, at Doc Ferry’s. The following to sign-in 7.45 p.m. for 8 p.m. start: J. Lynch and S. McGregor, Royal A; P. Coughlin and J. Duthie, Royal A; C. Kirkcaldy and B. Johnston, Eagle; B. Morgan and W. Forsyth, Doc Ferry’s; G. Cairns and B. Miller, Occidental; D. Terry and G. Whyte, Occidental; A. Morrison, Vault, and R. Navickas, Royal A; and F. McDonald and T. Ferguson, Occidental A.

Carnoustie Darts League (sponsored by Leisure Time Transport)

THE PLAYERS through to finals night from the singles qualifiers in the Corner, Stag, All Stars and 19TH Hole on Monday night were S. Yeaman, Corner, K. Burns, Craw’s Nest, R. Gowans, 19TH Hole, G. Merrilees, Kinloch, A. Forsyth, Corner, F. Dundas, All Stars, M. Barnett, Golf Inn, and J. Elliott, Stag.

Draw for the doubles competition on Monday, May 23:

At Corner - *S. Yeaman and S. Smith, Corner; I. Ferrie and R. Smith, Craw’s Nest; S. Mudie and K. Lyon, Golf Inn; C. Percival and E. Brand, All Stars; G. Neave and D. Martin, Corner; I. Kinnear and G. Heald, 19TH Hole; J. Burns and K. Burns, Craw’s Nest; M. Barnett and R. MacDonald, Golf Inn; N. Whitton and A. Black, Golf Inn; R. McGill and G. Murdoch, 19TH Hole; F. Dundas and S. Johnstone, All Stars; G. Irvine and J. Torrie, Craw’s Nest.

At Kinloch - B. Mackintosh and K. Robertson, 19TH Hole; M. Taylor and *A. Forsyth, Corner; P. Drummond and D. Cargill, Kinloch; A. Graham and A. Thomson, Stag; B. Burgess and J. Elliott, Stag; T. Martin and A. Mcgill, Stag; B. Martin and B. Penman, Stag; G. Merrilees and D. Mellon, Kinloch; G. Tindall and S. Bell, Kinloch; L. Jamieson and A. Johnstone, All Stars; K. Liddell and J. Johnston, Golf Inn; F. Smith and R. Fraser, Corner.

* board controller

Play down to two doubles at each venue.