No luck for Carnoustie

CARNOUSTIE continued their quest for points on Saturday when they visted fellow relegation strugglers, Kinross, who had won the corresponding home fixture by three points.

The homesters kicked off and although the ball did not cross the 10-metre line Carnoustie fielded, but under heavy pressure turned the ball over and gained a penalty. They found touch but the throw wasn’t straight and a scrum was given. FPs won the scrum but made a forward pass. From the resulting scrum, the visitors kicked long upfield to touch.

The line-out was won and the ball driven, gaining a scrum close to the line, but they couldn’t capitalise on this, and allowed the homesters to clear. In another attack, FPs put the ball through the hands but turned it over allowing Kinross to clear.

The visitors then ran the ball before driving but it was knocked on as they were in the act of scoring. The five-metre scrum was taken against the head, picked up at the base of the scrum and driven by Owen Hughes, recycled and driven to within inches of the line, recycled again and CRAIG ANDERSON found space to touch down on the line. The conversion was missed.

The home team fielded the restart but turned the ball over with Carnoustie clearing to touch.

Half-time: Kinross 0, Carnoustie 5.

Carnoustie restarted with the homesters fielding and kicking upfield. Nathan Bowles fielded and chipped ahead but failed to regather.

Kinross then found touch from a penalty and then gained a further penalty from a scrum, but failed to find the posts. The drop-out was long, but was cleanly fielded by the home player. The ball was run back and then kicked, giving them good field position.

Although FPs defended stoutly they couldn’t gain any field position, allowing Kinross to continually press forward until, from a scrum, the home No 8 picked up, broke a tackle and found his way to the line allowing a touch down at the posts with the conversion added.

The home players fielded the restart and then lost the ball at the scrum and were penalized, but the visitors failed to find the posts. The drop-out was fielded cleanly and driven upfield by Graham Hay but again a penalty was conceded.

Kinross tapped and ran the ball, but knocked on. From the scrum FPs ran the ball before kicking, but put it out on the full. At the line-out, Carnoustie gained a penalty, tapped and in a series of drives gained 40 metres, before gaining a further penalty, which NIALL SWANSON converted.

The visitors fielded and drove the ball before clearing and setting up a series of drives, gaining a penalty, but again the posts were missed.  The drop-out was taken by Ian Cook and chipped, but a scrum was awarded to Kinross for accidental offside.

FPs won the scrum and sent the ball wide, but the homsters intercepted and set up a series of drives. Only great defending stopped their advance. Kinross returned to the attack and again gained a penalty, this time finding the posts. The restart was kicked deep, but a penalty was lost at the line-out.

FPs stole the line-out and drove but the ball was held up at the line and from the scrum the homesters kicked. However, the ball was too long and touched down.  The drop-out ball went to ground and the final whistle sounded.

The failure to win this game now ensures a nail biting end to the season.

Team: Burwood, Bowles, Langlands, Rankin, Shepherd, Swanson, Anderson, Hall, Esposito, Dawson, Millar, Dissel, Hay, Reid, Hughes, Owens, Cowan, Christie, Macdonald, Cook, Nicholson and Pattullo.