No luck for High School FPs

A good drive from Carnoustie gains them a penalty.
A good drive from Carnoustie gains them a penalty.

Crieff and Strathearn 24, Carnoustie HSFP 5

Carnoustie travelled to Crieff on Saturday knowing that a hard game was likely having won the home encounter by a narrow margin.

The home side got the game under way with Carnoustie fielding and clearing to touch. The visitors took the line out, only to knock on and Crieff, with their first possession of the ball, drove hard, but conceded a penalty.

Carnoustie found touch and won the line-out, again kicking, but this time failing to find touch, which allowed Crieff to field and run the ball back strongly, forcing FPs to conceed a penalty. Crieff found touch, won the line-out and broke the defensive line, but the runner was brought down by a last ditch tackle and Carnoustie cleared their line.

From scrum ball Carnoustie kicked, but the ball ran dead and from the subsequent scrum Carnoustie were penalised and Crieff found touch, but didn’t throw the ball in straight.

The homesters were now on a run and in their next attack set up a drive, recycled, and sent the ball wide at pace, allowing the winger to power over with the conversion added.

From the restart Crieff were penalised and Carnoustie chipped the ball over the defensive line, but it ran into the dead ball area and was touched down. Carnoustie fielded the drop out and drove to the line but were held up and penalised, allowing the home players to clear.

FPs failed to make pressure count and the home team, finding space deep in their own half, broke at pace sending the winger flying down the touch line to score with the conversion added.

Half-time: Crieff and Strathearn 14, Carnoustie HSFP 0.

Carnoustie restarted the game with Crieff fielding and driving, but the visitors held them up then let the ball go loose and compounded it by lying on and not releasing, giving away the penalty.

The homesters went for the posts but sent the ball wide and from the drop out they fielded, but failed to make ground. Carnoustie then drove before going wide, but were forced to touch. They then tapped a penalty and kicked high but it was too long and Crieff diffused the situation with a mark.

From another penalty Carnoustie tapped, and went wide but were stopped at the 22 and again they went wide, but this time dropped the ball. Maintaining a good attacking position the visitors then drove, recycled and drove again with COLIN MURRAY forcing the ball down on the line, but with no conversion.

The restart was knocked on, followed by several more knock ons by both sides before Carnoustie kicked, with Crieff fielding and running the ball back and gaining a penalty. It was tapped and driven before going wide but a forward pass gave Carnoustie respite.

The homesters were now in command and again found space out wide to touch down, but with no conversion. FPs kicked off, but Crieff regained possession and drove forward and in the last moments of the game seized on a dropped ball, sent it wide, and the winger had space to touch down. Again the conversion was missed.

Team: C. Murray, Bowles, Paterson, Macdonald, Millar, Reid, K. Franco, A. Franco, Findlay, Rankin, G. Langlands, Addison, Shepherd, B. Langlands, E. Murray, Barnett, Stewart, Mullins, Fraser, Smart.

Tomorrow’s match

Tomorrow (Saturday) Carnoustie play Grangemouth 2nd XV at the High School grounds and with the visitors currently sitting second bottom of the league they will be hoping to get back on the winning trail.

This game will kick off at the earlier time of 11 a.m. because of the Six Nations.

RBS Caledonia League Division Three Midlands


Howe 2nd XV 13 12 1 0 12 0 60

Crieff & S 14 9 4 1 10 2 50

Blair RFC 13 9 4 0 8 2 46

Carn HSFP 12 9 3 0 8 1 45

Fife S 14 6 7 1 3 1 30

K’kdy 2nd XV 12 5 7 0 5 1 26

Waid FP 14 4 10 0 5 0 21

Bannockburn 13 4 9 0 2 0 18

Grange2nd XV 13 3 10 0 1 2 15

Glens 2nd XV 13 1 12 0 1 0 5