Open bowling draw

PLAY in the 38th annual Carnoustie Open Bowling Tournament, sponsored by Belhaven Brewers, gets underway at the Maule Street green tomorrow (Saturday) with the preliminary round of the open pairs competition.

First matches in the gents’ singles will be played on Monday and those in the ladies’ singles on Wednesday.

Last year’s winners, Ryan Burnett, Lochlands, and Paul Carnegie, Newgate, in the open pairs, Ross Carlin, Muirhead and Birkhill, in the gents’ singles, and Ailsa Robertson, Dudhope, in the ladies’ singles, are all back to defend their titles.

The finals of all three competitions are scheduled for next Saturday, July 30, at 2 p.m.

Draws and order of play for the opening rounds are as follows:

Open Pairs

Tomorrow (Saturday)

Preliminary round

10 a.m. - G. Skea and E. Philip v P. Gersok and partner; A. Robertson and M. Thompson v C. Stewart and G. Milne; E. McAuley and G. McKiddie v J. Armstrong and M. Armstrong; J. Wynne and K. Tosh v A. Lowe and M. Lowe; L. White and B. Kindlen v S. Johnston and G. Motion; A. Scott and F. Christie v K. Gordon and I. Riddell; D. Mason and E. Mason v S. Coffin and W. Coffin; D. Spink and J. Clarke v G. Haddow and partner.

12.15 p.m. - J. McLaughlin and partner v L. Furye and K. Brunton snr; M. Barrie and A. Suttie v S. Geddes and M. Thoms; T. Coull and D.G. Keiller v S. Clark and V. Russel; R. Bruce and partner v J. Stewart and M. Stewart; C. Ramsay and partner v H. Burnett and G. Allen; J. Spalding and A. Spalding v A. Bowen and I. Bowen; G. Ross and D. Mayes v B. Torrie and M. Black; B. Gilhooly and partner v D. Milne and W. Keillor.

2.30 p.m. - J. Johnston and C. Johnston v I. Broadhurst and M. Gall; S. Renfrew and J. Renfrew v S. Farquhar and S. Urquhart; W. Howe and J. Howe v S. Simpson and J. Williamson; M. Biondi and M. Biondi v D. Briggs and G. Harrison; J. Lindsay and C. Lindsay v H. McGill and partner; T. Tyrrell and B. McAlpine v H. Nairn and A. Nairn; D. Balfour and R. Smith v K. Stephen and partner; S. Graham and W. Cadger v A. Gray and A. Gray.

4.45 p.m. - D. Craigie and R. Carlin v J. Gilbert and G. Milne.


First round

10 a.m. - D. Craigie and R. Carlin or J. Gilbert and G. Milne v W. Teviotdale and I. Teviotdale.

12.15 p.m. - D. Garvie and P. Nicoll v W. Letford and H. Grieve; J. Stirling and T. McLean v L. Whammond and W.H. Skea; J. Minto and partner v S. Christie and R. McPherson; R. Philp and S. Philp v W. Smith and R. Jackson; R.B. Ferguson and M. McConnach v M. Jones and S. Willocks; L. Hunter and M. Nicoll v B. Jackson and G. Stewart; D. Robertson and P. Lowe v A. McKay and A. Gray; B. Johnston and H. Milne v G. Garvie and S. Pirrie.

2.30 p.m. - D. Henderson and K. Smith v J. Robbie and partner; M. Ferguson and J. Ferguson v J. Stewart and G. Reid; R. Torrie jnr and M. Burden v S. Wallace and R. Millar; D. Binnie and partner v M. Moir and K. Moir; T. McKay and partner v A. Taylor and M. Welsh; D.C. Beattie and B. Taylor v R. Burnett and P. Carnegie; E. Moss and J. Mathieson v D. Wilson and J. Arthur; J. Fullerton and A. Sturrock v V. Angus and S. Angus.

4.45 p.m. - G. Scott and W.W. Miller v C. Condy and J. Condy; P. Thomson and partner v B. Miller and R. Alexander; R. Burnett and M. Anderson v S.E. Valentine and R.B. Valentine.

Gents’ Singles


Preliminary round

10 a.m. - C. Roach v A. Nairn; L. Hunter v R. Alexander; A. Crozier v J. Renfrew; M. Lowe v Gary Milne; R. Jackson v R.S. McPherson; P. Nicoll v W.W. Miller; L. Kinnear v K. Smith.

12.15 p.m. - D. Strachan v R.B. Ferguson; J.F. Cumming v G. Haddow; D. White v A. Suttie; G. Scott v M. Biondi; J. Condy v P. Lowe; H. Grieve v K. Moir; K. Brunton snr v M. Nicoll.

2.30 p.m. - W. Coffin v T. McLean; R. Carlin v G. Allen; G. Motion v C. Ramsay; W. Letford v D. Binnie; T.C. Dunn v S. Graham; K. Stephen v D. Henderson; R. Burnett v M. Burden.

4.45 p.m. - G. Garvie v J. Ferguson; A. Sturrock v A. Lowe; P. Doran v J. Minto; W. Teviotdale v R. Torrie jnr; M. McConnach v J. Robbie; R. Millar v S. Angus; Jim Stewart v S. Willocks.


First round

10 a.m. - Glen Milne v P. Gersok; D. Garvie v R. Torrie snr.

12.15 p.m. - W. Cadger v A. Gray (F); M. Stewart v R. Bruce; R. Chalmers v S. Wallace; E. McAuley v R.B. Valentine; R. Skea v D.A. Robertson; E. Mason v G. McKiddie; K. Tosh v M. Jones; D.G. Keiller v G. Stewart.

2.30 p.m. - A. McKay v W. Keillor; S. Pirrie v H. Burnett; M. Thompson v M. Black; B. Kindlen v J. Wynne; P. Thomson v D. Briggs; I. Riddell v P. Carnegie; I. Bowen v R. Philp; A. Gray (C) v A. Spalding.

Ladies’ Singles


Preliminary round

10 a.m. - E. Marnie v F. Pearson; P. Laird v I. Broadhurst; J. McLaughlin v M. Lindsay; H. Nairn v M. Tomlin; M. Armstrong v M. Tyrrell.

First round

2.30 p.m. - M. Armstrong or M. Tyrrell v M. Miller; M. Anderson v A.N. Other; M. Thoms v D. Peattie; M. Barrie v S. Simpson; D. Robertson v C. Condy; I. Teviotdale v K. Gordon.

4.45 p.m. - L. Whammond v A. Robertson; F. Christie v S. Philp; D. Mason v S. Naylor; H. McGill v A.N. Other; P. Smith v V. Angus; J. Stewart v A. Gray; M. Ferguson v J. Gilbert; M. Gall v A. Bowen.

Broughty Castle

BROUGHTY Castle Bowling Club lost by eight shots away to Muirhead and Birkhill on Saturday.

Muirhead & Birkhill v. Broughty Castle

26 J. Craig N. Heenan 15

18 D. Cargill J. Adams 14

17 E. Mason B. Morris 19

20 A. Nairn J. Finlayson 25

81 73

Dundee Seniors’ League

BARNHILL and Broughty both won their latest fixtures in the City of Dundee Seniors’ League on Tuesday afternoon, defeating Baxter Park and Balgay respectively.

Results: Barnhill 43 (4 points), Baxter Park 35 (2 points); Broughty 27 (5 points), Balgay 25 (1 point); Maryfield 35 (4 points), Craigie 26 (2 points); Lochee 19 (0 points), Fairfield 50 (6 points); Hillcrest 47 (6 points), Strathmartine 21 (0 points); Dudhope 46 (6 points), Longforgan 17 (0 points).


P W L D Pts

Fairfield 10 7 1 2 46

Dudhope 9 6 1 2 42

M’head & B’hill 9 7 1 1 41

Maryfield 10 6 4 0 37

Baxter Park 9 6 3 0 32

Barnhill 11 5 6 0 30

Hillcrest 9 4 5 0 29

Broughty 10 5 5 0 27

Balgay 9 3 6 0 22

Lochee 9 2 6 1 19

Craigie 9 2 7 0 16

Longforgan 10 3 7 0 16

Strathmartine 10 3 7 0 15

All postponed games to be played by July 29.