Pigeon racing from Leicester

Arbroath Society

Five members of Arbroath Racing Pigeon Society sent 65 birds to their race from Leicester on Saturday.

They were liberated at 8.30 a.m. in a light north-east wind.

Results: C. Cameron, 1321.67; C. Cameron, 1294.82; J. Peebles, 1270.35; 1250.07; W. Dorward, 1228.25; A. and A. Shepherd, 1095.40.

Inchcape Club

On Saturday six members of Inchcape Racing Pigeon Club sent 58 birds to their race from Leicester.

They were liberated at 8.30 a.m. into a north-east wind.

Results: W. Hamilton: 1295.36; W. Hamilton: 1292.52; B. Main: 1291.74; B. Main: 1245.14; K. Gourlay: 1244.54; B. Main: 1240.08; W. Hamilton: 1239.57; K. Gourlay: 1209.30; L. McKay: 1208.70; C. and A. Carrie: 1176.23; G. McKenzie: 1096.93.

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