Pool finals day results

WINNERS and runners-up at finals day in the Corner Hotel on Sunday were:

Triples winners, S. McAllister, G. Singer and D. Elder, Golf Balls; runners-up, M. Greaves, S. Sutherland and G. Pearson, Stag Potters. Doubles winners, R. Murray and D. Black, Taymouth Kinners; runners-up, S. McAllister and A. Boath, Golf Balls. Singles winner, I. Evans, Golf Balls; runner-up, C. Martin, 19TH Hole. Captain’s Cup winner N. Denson, Stag; runner-up, S. Morris, Corner. Eight-ball Shield winner, C. Sandford, Stag; runner-up, N. Denson, Stag. Champion of Champions Singles winner, N. Denson, Stag; runner-up, L. Smith, Corner. Champion of Champions Doubles winners, G. Thain and C. Martin, 19TH Hole; runners-up, S. McAllister and A. Boath, Golf Balls.

The following team awards won during the season were also presented: League Cup winners, Golf Balls; runners-up, Stag. Consolation Cup winners, Kinloch. David Leadingham Memorial Cup winners, Taymouth Kinners; runners-up, Kinloch. Division 1 - 1, Golf Balls; 2, Stag; 3, Taymouth Kinners. Division 2 winners, Kinloch.