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Carnoustie Pool League

TAYMOUTH Kinners and Kinloch will contest the final of the Dave Leadingham Memorial Cup after victories over Craw’s Nest and Dalhousie on Tuesday.

Results: Dave Leadingham Memorial Cup, semi-finals - Taymouth Kinners 6, Craw’s Nest 4; Dalhousie 2, Kinloch 6.

Tuesday’s fixtures: Division One - Craw’s Nest v Stag; Taymouth Kinners v Corner; free week, Golf Balls. Division 2 - Stag Potters v Dalhousie; 19TH Hole v Golf Inn; free week, Kinloch.

The open singles first round is on Wednesday, 8 p.m. start. Draw and venues are::

At Kinloch - M. Reid, 19TH Hole, v S. McAllister, Golf Balls; B. Edwards, Corner, v M. McQuillan, 19TH Hole; S. Ogilvie, Corner, v M. Greaves, Stag Potters; S. Mudie, Golf Inn, v M. Farquhar, Golf Inn.

At Golf Inn - S. Fairweather, Golf Inn, v J. Stewart, Dalhousie; G. Sandilands, 19TH Hole, v I. McAulay, Dalhousie; R. Thomson, Stag, v E. Smith, Corner; B. Keillor, Dalhousie, v Ewan Pardoe, Stag Potters, or A. Boath, Golf Balls.

At 19TH Hole - R. Griffin, Stag, v S. Morris, Corner; G. Thain, 19TH Hole, v G. Pearson, Stag Potters; C. Sandford, Stag, v D. Elder, Golf Balls; R. Joy, 19TH Hole, v P. Drummond, Kinloch, or I. Evans, Golf Balls.

At Stag - M. Driscoll, Corner, v D. Watt, Golf Inn; S. Liness, Craw’s Nest, v K. Gosling, Dalhousie; C. Martin, 19TH Hole, v C. Hendry, Golf Inn; A. McEwan, 19TH Hole, v G. Singer, Golf Balls.

Draw and venues for the open triples preliminary round to be played on or before Sunday, May 1, are:

At Craw’s Nest - C. Hendry, S. Mudie and S. Fairweather, Golf Inn, v M. Greaves, G. Pearson and S. Sutherland, Stag Potters.

At Corner - I. Fraser, L. Brown and K. Craib, Craw’s Nest, v G. Thain, D. Black and P. Elrick, 19TH Hole.

At Stag - K. Gosling, G. Gosling and J. Stewart, Dalhousie, v B. Leahy, G. Torrie and R. Torrie, Taymouth Kinners.

Byes: S. Ogilvie, S. Morris and A. Smith, Corner; B. Edwards, M. Driscoll and E. Smith, Corner; B. Keillor, M. Keenan and I. McAulay, Dalhousie; M. Farquhar, D. Cheape and A. Christie, Golf Inn; and S. McAllister, G. Singer and D. Elder, Golf Balls.