R&A satisfied with Championship course

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A RECENT visit by the R&A to Carnoustie Golf Links left them satisfied with all aspects of the Championship Course.

And the Golf Links Management Committee revealed that as a result there are no real impediments to future Championships being held at Carnoustie, though no dates have as yet been mentioned.

The news comes as the greenkeepers have been working hard to ensure all three courses are ready for the start of the new golf season despite the recent challenging weather.

The cold winds and dry weather has made the surfaces firm and the grass fine, resulting in very quick greens.

However, when there is more growth with a rise in temperature, the greens may become slower, but regular cutting and rolling should ensure an excellent playing surface.

In addition a new irrigation system is being installed on the Championship course and over 500 sprinklers have been dug up to allow the re-wiring and installation of the latest Hunter Irrigation control system.

Bridges have also been raised on the Championship and Burnside courses which hopefully will help to control the flow of the burn, cutting down on potential future flooding.

There are distinctive new tee-markers and distance markers on all the Championship tees, which have been well received by local and visiting golfing fraternity.

On the Championship Course, the rough between the second and third is improving all the time in terms of floristic diversity.

The bee population is increasing as a result of Operation Pollinator and the addition of a bee box, crafted by Barry Irving, should encourage bees to make a home here.

Elsewhere the two new holes on the Buddon are taking shape and should prove a stern test for all golfers. The projected opening for these holes should be May, 2014.

Meanwhile Seagreen have indicated that their preferred option for a landfall site from their offshore facility would be around the edge of the Buddon course.

There is a meeting on April 24 to discuss all options and timescale.