Racing from Clermont

Arbroath Society

Three members of Arbroath Racing Pigeon Society sent 18 birds to their 12th old bird race from Clermont on Friday/Saturday. They were liberated at 6 a.m. in a north-east wind.

Results: K. Murphy, 772.93; K. Murphy, 636.79; K. Murphy, 607.66; K. Murphy, 575.99.

Inchcape Club

Six members of Inchcape Racing Piegon Club sent 23 birds to their race from Clermont, Franace, on Friday. They were liberated at 6 a.m. into a north-east wind.

Results: C. and A. Carrie: 585.51; L. McKay: 555.66; K. Gourlay: 552.59.