Rain causes delays to Rowanlea’s summer programme

THERE was a weather delay to the start of this year’s weekly summer shows at Rowanlea Riding School, Barry. After a total washout last Wednesday, the scheduled natural fences competitions for juniors and adults eventually went ahead on Friday when conditions were much better.



50 cms - 1 (equal), Daragh Connor, on ‘Boost’, Claire Fletcher, on ‘Salsa’, Katherine Thurston, on ‘Raquel’, Ami Conchie, on ‘Blue’, Lana Conchie, on ‘Teddy’, and Lana Conchie, on ‘Taz’.

70 cms - 1, Beth McLeod, on ‘Timmy’; 2, Olivia Bourne, on ‘Sophie’; 3, Rebecca Rice, on ‘Mia’; 4, Michael Conchie, on ‘Goldie’.

70 cms RRS - 1, Erin Bertram, on ‘Molly’; 2, Claire Fletcher, on ‘Salsa’; 3, Katherine Thurston, on ‘Raquel’.

70-80 cms - 1, Logan Thomson, on ‘Biscuit’; 2, Rebecca Rice, on ‘Mia’; 3, Erin Bertram, on ‘Molly’; 4, Rachael Cruikshanks, on ‘Gem’; 5 (equal), Cara Duncan, on ‘Freddie’, Beth Clark, on ‘Amber’, and Kayleigh Esplin, on ‘Reggie’.

80-90 cms - 1, Dean Bullock, on ‘Sonte’; 2, Kristy Robertson, on ‘Ice’; 3, Linda Lowson, on ‘Toffee’; 4, Beth Clark, on ‘Amber’; 5, Christy Guthrie, on ‘Darcy’; 6, Christy Goodman, on ‘Bella’.

Open - 1, Adam Agnew, on ‘Lucy’; 2, Leigh Clark, on ‘Sparky’; 3, Kayleigh Esplin, on ‘Reggie’; 4, Kristy Robertson, on ‘Ice’; 5, Christy Goodman, on ‘Bella’; 6, Linda Lowson, on ‘Toffee’.


50 cms - 1, Kate Stuart, on ‘Finn’.

70 cms - 1, Cheryl Smith, on ‘Baby Reggie’; 2, Sophie Chalmers, on ‘Ronnie’.

70-80 cms - 1, Cheryl Smith, on ‘Baby Reggie’; 2 equal, Carol Black, on ‘Elie’, and Elisha Bollan, on ‘Turbo’; 4, Sophie Chalmers, on ‘Ronnie’.

80-90 cms - 1, Alison Kemlo, on ‘Ringo’; 2, Rachael Kibbler, on ‘Rowan’; 3, Carol Black, on ‘Elie’; 4, Carole Clark, on ‘Eck’; 5, Cheryl Smith, on ‘Star’; 6, Sharon Steele, on ‘Beauty’.

Open - 1, Rachael Kibbler, on ‘Rowan’; 2, Carole Clark, on ‘Ben’; 3, Sharon Steele, on ‘Beauty’; 4, Brooke Lyon, on ‘Jasper’; 5 (equal), Carole Clark, on ‘Eck’, Cheryl Smith, on ‘Star’, and Alison Kemlo, on ‘Ringo’.