Rowanlea results

DRESSAGE and show jumping competitions were held as part of the annual summer events programme at Rowanlea Riding School, Barry.

Once again there was a large turnout of junior and adult riders and most importantly the weather stayed fine.

Results were:


Juniors, pre-novice - 1, Lana Conchie, on ‘Teddy’; 2, Caroline Thurston, on ‘Blaze’; 3 equal, Ami Conchie, on ‘Taz’, and Rachael Black, on ‘Bobby’; 5, Danielle Sloan, on ‘Kharli’.

Novice - 1, Leigh Clark, on ‘Storm’; 2, Michael Conchie, on ‘Goldie’; 3, Eve Ireland, on ‘Tikka’; 4, Erin Black, on ‘Quito’.

RRS Novice 1, Erin Beaton, on ‘Molly’; 2, Katheryn Thurston, on ‘Raquel’; 3, Niamh Bertram, on ‘Carlos’.

Novice + - 1, Cara Duncan, on ‘Freddie’; 2, Rachael Cruikshanks, on ‘Gem’.

Intermediate - 1, Rebecca Rice, on ‘Mia’; 2, Christy Robertson, on ‘Ice’; 3, Linda Lowson, on ‘Toffee’; 4, Olivia Bourne, on ‘Sophie’; 5, Beth Clark, on ‘Amber’.

Open - 1, Leigh Clark, on ‘Sparky’; 2, Logan Thomson, on ‘Biscuit’; 3, Kayleigh Esplin, on ‘Reggie’; 4, Adam Agnew, on ‘Lucy’; 5, Christy Guthrie, on ‘Darcy’.

Adults, pre-novice 1, Fiona Strachan, on ‘Kharli’; 2, Kate Stuart, on ‘Rizz’; 3, Kate Stuart, on ‘Finn’.

Novice - 1, Mel Fraser, on ‘Shannon’; 2, Cheryl Smith, on ‘Baby Reggie’; 3, Susan Pattison, on ‘Splash’; 4, Rachael Hutton, on ‘Carlos’.

Novice + - 1, Kirsty Wilson, on ‘Archie’; 2, Alisha Bollan, on ‘Turbo’; 3, Ruth Gordon, on ‘Badger’; 4, Carol Black, on ‘Ellie’.

Intermediate - 1, Cheryl Smith, on ‘Star’; 2, Kristi James, on ‘Martha’; 3, Carole Clark, on ‘Eck’; 4, Stephen Adam, on ‘Queenie’.

Open - 1, Carole Clark, on ‘Ben’; 2, Rachael Kibbler, on ‘Rowan’; 3, Sharon Steele, on ‘Beauty’; 4, Rachael Kibbler, on ‘Jack’.

Show Jumping

Juniors, 50 cms - 1 equal, Caroline Thurston, on ‘Blaze’, Stephany Mitchell, on ‘Nemo’, Katheryn Thurston, on ‘Raquel’, Emily Beaton, on ‘Natal’, Rhiannon Hamill, on ‘Midnight’, Lana Conchie, on ‘Teddy’, Daragh Connor, on ‘Patsy’, Rachael Black, on ‘Bobby’, Rianne Watt, on ‘Gringo’, Ami Conchie, on ‘Blue’, and Ami Conchie, on ‘Taz’.

70 cms - 1, Eve Ireland, on ‘Tikka’; 2, Cara Duncan, on ‘Freddie’; 3 equal, Michael Conchie, on ‘Goldie’, Leigh Clark, on ‘Storm’, and Beth Jamieson, on ‘Dhurka’; 6, Rianne Watt, on ‘Gringo’.

RRS 70Cms - 1, Niamh Bertram, on ‘Carlos’; 2, Chloe Forbes, on ‘Jazz’; 3, Erin Bertram, on ‘Molly’; 4, Erin Black, on ‘Quito’.

70-80 cms - 1, Michael Conchie, on ‘Goldie’; 2, Beth Clark, on ‘Amber’; 3, Rebecca Rice, on ‘Mia’; 4, Rachael Cruikshanks, on ‘Gem’; 5, Cara Duncan, on ‘Freddie’; 6, Cloe Forbes, on ‘Jazz’.

80-90 cms - 1, Christy Robertson, on ‘Ice’; 2, Olivia Bourne, on ‘Sophie’; 3 equal, Rebecca Rice, on ‘Mia’, Linda Lowson, on ‘Toffee’, Logan Thomson, on ‘Biscuit’, Beth Clark, on ‘Amber’, and Adam Agnew, on ‘Lucy’.

Open - 1, Adam Agnew, on ‘Lucy’; 2, Kayleigh Esplin, on ‘Reggie’; 3, Christy Robertson, on ‘Ice’; 4, Logan Thomson, on ‘Biscuit’.

Adults, 50 cms - 1, Kate Stuart, on ‘Finn’; 2, Fiona Strachan, on ‘Kharli’.

70 Cms - 1, Susan Pattison, on ‘Splash’; 2, Rachael Hutton, on ‘Carlos’; 3, Cheryl Smith, on ‘Baby Reggie’; 4, Mel Fraser, on ‘Shannon’.

70-80 cms - 1, Carol Black, on ‘Ellie’; 2, Stephen Adam, on ‘Queenie’; 3, Cheryl Smith, on ‘Baby Reggie’; 4, Ruth Gordon, on ‘Badger’; 5, Rachael Hutton, on ‘Carlos’; 6, Alisha Bollan, on ‘Turbo’.

80-90 cms - 1, Kristi James, on ‘Martha’; 2, Stephen Adam, on ‘Queenie’; 3, Rachael Kibbler, on ‘Rowan’; 4, Cheryl Smith, on ‘Star’; 5, Rachael Kibbler, on ‘Jack’; 6, Sharon Steele, on ‘Beauty’.

Open - 1, Sharon Steele, on ‘Beauty’; 2, Carole Clark, on ‘Ben’; 3, Rachael Kibbler, on ‘Jack’; 4, Rachael Kibbler, on ‘Rowan’; 5 equal, Kristi James, on ‘Martha’, and Carole Clark, on ‘Eck’.

This week there was no competition at Rowanlea, but an exhibition night was held instead.

Included in the programme were dressage and a musical ride by junior riders. There was also show jumping against the clock by adult riders, and the evening culminated with show jumping at a higher level by Karen Watson and Leo Lorimer, who recently qualified for the Horse of the Year Show.