Rowanlea results

AUTUMN competitions for juniors and adults were held recently at Rowanlea Riding School, Barry, to round off the season.

Results were:

Event one, juniors: Novice (Ginger Nut Cup) - 1, Michael Conchie, on ‘Goldie’; 2, Beth Mcleod, on ‘Timmy’; 3, Cara Duncan, on ‘Freddie’; 4, Kathryn Thurston, on ‘Raquel’; 5, Caroline Thurston, on ‘Salsa’; 6, Leigh Clark, on ‘Storm’.

Intermediate (Polo Trophy) - 1, Adam Agnew, on ‘Edward’.

Open (Bobby Star Shield) - 1, Adam Agnew, on ‘Lucy’; 2, Sophie Rosenzweig, on ‘Jasper’; 3, Kayleigh Esplin, on ‘Reggie’.

Adults: Intermediate (Gem Twist Trophy) - 1, Carole Clark, on ‘Eck’.

Open (Captain’s Cup) - 1, Sharon Steele, on ‘Beauty’; 2, Kristi James, on ‘Martha’; 3, Carole Clark, on ‘Ben’.

Event two, juniors: Novice (Cally Cup) - 1, Michael Conchie, on ‘Goldie’; 2, Cara Duncan, on ‘Freddie’; 3, Rachael Cruikshanks, on ‘Gem’; 4, Christy Robertson, on ‘Toffee’; 5, Claire Fletcher, on ‘Molly’; 6, Erin Black, on ‘Jazz’.

Intermediate (Rob Roy Trophy) - 1, Logan Thomson, on ‘Biscuit’; 2, Christy Robertson, on ‘Ice’; 3 equal, Linda Lowson, on ‘Toffee’, Beth Clark, on ‘Amber’, and Leigh Clark, on ‘Sparky’; 6, Kate Williamson, on ‘Rosie’.

Open (McGill Junior Shield) - 1, Adam Agnew, on ‘Lucy’; 2, Dean Bullock, on ‘Sonte’; 3 equal, Sophie Rosenzweig, on ‘Jasper’, and Kayleigh Esplin, on ‘Reggie’.

Adults: Novice (Finn Gold Trophy) - 1, Jennifer Auer, on ‘Archie’.

Intermediate (Billy Who Trophy) - 1, Jolene Guthrie, on ‘Darcy’; 2, Carole Clark, on ‘Eck’; 3, Ruth Gordon, on ‘Badger’; 4, Jennifer Auer, on ‘Quito’; 5, Kirsty Wilson, on ‘Turbo’.

Open (Scots Law Trophy) - 1, Rachael Kibbler, on ‘Jack’; 2, Sharon Steele, on ‘Beauty’; 3, Kristi James, on ‘Martha’; 4, Carole Clark, on ‘Ben’; 5, Rachael Kibbler, on ‘Rowan’.