Rowanlea summer show results

The weekly summer shows at Rowanlea Riding School, Barry, continued with show jumping competitions for juniors and adults last Wednesday.

Results were:


50cm (double clear) - Jamie Chalmers, on ‘Bandit’, Jack Chalmers, on ‘Taz’, Kelsey Wright, on ‘Austin’, Amy Smart, on ‘Chico’, Rebekah Walker, on ‘Minto’, Ailsa, Black, on ‘Natal’, Jessica Murray, on ‘Signal’, Morag Hosie, on ‘Millie’, Lana Conchie, on ‘Monty’, Ami Conchie, on ‘Teddy’, Ami Conchie, on ‘Dolly’, Amy Low, on ‘Tikka’, Amy McLeod, on ‘Dundee’, Lucy Pandrich, on ‘Bobby’, Morgan Donald, on ‘CeeCee’, ‘Rosie’ and ‘Ziggy’.

70cm - 1, Olivia Pierronnet, on ‘Sophie’; 2, Ami Conchie, on ‘Blue’; 3, Lana Conchie, on ‘Aztec’; 4, Morgan Donald, on ‘CeeCee’; 5, Kathryn Thurston, on ‘Raquel’; 6, Rebecca Bodie, on ‘Malteser’.

RRS 70cm - 1, Lucy Pandrich, on ‘Bobby’; 2, Leanne Gall, on ‘Molly’.

70-80cm - 1, Olivia Pierronnet, on ‘Sophie’; 2, Olivia Pierronnet, on ‘Alfie’; 3, Cara Duncan, on ‘Freddie’; 4, Rebecca Bodie, on ‘Malteser’; 5, Michael Conchie, on ‘Toffee’; 6, Lauren Mitchell, on ‘Apple’.

80-90cm - 1, Leigh Clark, on ‘Storm’; 2, Linda Lowson, on ‘Ulanda’; 3, Christy Robertson, on ‘Jack’; 4, Cara Duncan, on ‘Freddie’.

Open - 1, Christy Robertson, on ‘Jack’; 2, Linda Lowson, on ‘Ulanda’.


50cm (double clear) - Marion Ledingham, on ‘Boost’, Fiona Rusty, on ‘Kharli’, Lyn Williamson, on ‘Jock’, Kerry Donald, on ‘Robbie’, Kate Stuart, on ‘Riz’.

70cm - 1, Alison Kemlo, on ‘Ringo’; 2, Susan Pattison, on ‘Splash’; 3, Kerry Donald, on ‘Boost’; 4 equal, Steve James, on ‘Chester’, Lyn Williamson, on ‘Apache’, Tanya Lyall, on ‘Ozzy’, and Bethany Louden, on ‘Pippa’.

70-80cm - 1, Kirsty Wilson, on ‘Archie’; 2, Bethany Louden, on ‘Pippa’; 3, Carol Black, on ‘Ellie’; 4, Stephen Adam, on ‘Queenie’; 5, Alison Kemlo, on ‘Ringo’.

80-90cm - 1 equal, Sharon Steele, on ‘Cali’, and Rebecca Rice, on ‘Sonte’; 3, Kirsty Wilson, on ‘Archie’; 4, Sharon Steele, on ‘Beauty’; 5, Rachael Kibbler, on ‘Rowan’; 6, Carol Black, on ‘Ellie’.

Open - 1, Stephen Adam, on ‘Pasoa’; 2, Rachael Kibbler, on ‘Rowan’; 3, Sharon Steele, on ‘Beauty’; 4, Rebecca Rice, on ‘Sonte’; 5, Sharon Steele, on ‘Cali’; 6, Carole Clark, on ‘Eck’.