Royal Tay Yacht Club evening races results

IN THE latest evening points races at Royal Tay Yacht Club, Broughty Ferry, there were another two wins for Bruce Baird’s ‘Riverdance’ in Squib series two, and one win each for Ian Hunter’s Kestrel ‘Second Fiddle’ and Malcolm Worsley’s Kestrel ‘Farty Pants’ in Dinghy series two.

Results were:

Squib evening points

Series two

Race three - 1, ‘Riverdance’, Bruce Baird; 2, ‘Tefnut’, Boyd Baird; 3, ‘Zulu’, Bob Wilson; 4, ‘Powder Blue’, Alan Massie; 5, ‘Cloud Nine’, Gordon Crosby; 6, ‘Wavelength’, Alistair Stewart; 7, ‘Crystal Tips’, David Williams (Did not finish).

Race four - 1, ‘Riverdance’, Bruce Baird; 2, ‘Tefnut’, Boyd Baird; 3, ‘Zulu’, Bob Wilson.

Overall placings after four races: 1, ‘Riverdance’, Bruce Baird, 4 points; 2, ‘Zulu’, Bob Wilson, 11 points; 3, ‘Tefnut’, Boyd Baird, 14 points; 4, ‘Powder Blue’, Alan Massie, 20 points; 5, ‘Cloud Nine’, Gordon Crosby, 25 points; 6, ‘Wavelength’, Alistair Stewart, 26 points; 7, ‘Crystal Tips’, David Williams, 30 points.

Dinghy evening points

Series two

Race three - 1, ‘Second Fiddle’, Kestrel, I. Hunter; 2, ‘Rare Bird’, Kestrel, A. Hood; 3, ‘Ripple’, Laser, R. Harper; 4, ‘Mrs Piggy Wiggy’, Feva, S. Bremner; 5, No Name, RS 500, O. Baker.

Race four - 1, ‘Farty Pants’, Kestrel, M. Worsley; 2, ‘Second Fiddle’, Kestrel, I. Hunter; 3, ‘Geronimo’, A-Class Catamaran, S. Menhinick; 4, ‘Shoestring’, Dart 18, G. Kohler; 5, ‘Alchemy’, Kestrel, G. Forbes; 6, ‘Hakunamatata’, Kestrel, F. Moir.

Leading overall placings after four races: 1, ‘Farty Pants’, Kestrel, M. Worsley, 25 points; 2, ‘Rare Bird’, Kestrel, A. Hood, 31 points; 3, ‘Second Fiddle’, Kestrel, I. Hunter, 43 points; 4, ‘Seathing’, Kestrel, S. Murdoch, 43 points; 5, ‘Purple Helmet’, Laser 4000, D. Philp, 49 points; 6, ‘Ripple’, Laser, R. Harper, 50 points; 7, ‘Geronimo’, A-Class Catamaran, S. Menhinick, 52 points; 8, ‘Hakunamatata’, Kestrel, F. Moir, 54 points; 9, ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’, RS 200, R. Harper, 62 points; 10, ‘Shoestring’, Dart 18, G. Kohler, 64 points.