Rugby project moves forward as Robertson Construction make sponsorship vow

Carnoustie Rugby Club’s primary school rugby strip design competition has taken another major step forward after Robertson Construction committed to sponsoring the initiative.

The competition will see Burnside, Carlogie and Woodlands Primary School children design their own school rugby strip and there has been a phenomenal response from the teachers and children so far.

Children from all three schools have submitted their proposals and these are currently being judged with the winner from each school having their design produced.

Jonathan Christie, Carnoustie Mini Midi Rugby Club President, said: “This competition supplements the commitment and hard work of our community rugby coaches within the Carnoustie cluster schools. It also allows provides the children of Carnoustie a unique opportunity to have their own designs manufactured and worn by the school rugby teams for years to come.

“We are working hard on our vision of Carnoustie becoming a rugby town and engaging with children and teachers in this way raises the profile of the sport in a positive and inclusive manner”.

Kevin Dickson, Managing Director of Robertson Construction Tayside, said: “We are delighted to support this fantastic community project. Carnoustie Rugby Club are very progressive.”