Sailing Week results

Sailing Week results

ROYAL Tay Yacht Club, Broughty Ferry, hosted this year’s East Coast Sailing Week from last Monday to Friday.

Several home club members featured among the main prizewinners with Angus Broadhurst’s Hunter 707 ‘Cacciatore’ first in keel division one, David McCreadie’s Sonata ‘Fiddlers Three’ second in keel division two, and Bob Wilson’s Squib ‘Zulu’ third in the silver jubilee race.

In the squib series, Royal Tay made a clean sweep of the top awards with Stewart Murdoch’s ‘Jock’ first,David Levison’s ‘Zoom’ second, and Andrew Knowles’ ‘Kalash’ third.


Keel Classes, Division One - 1, ‘Cacciatore’, Hunter 707, Angus Broadhurst (Royal Tay); 2, ‘Eliterit’, RS Elite, George Brown (Royal Forth); 3, ‘Thin Lizzy’, Link 30, Jim Williamson (Sunderland). Division Two - 1, ‘Brief’n’Counter’, GK 24, David Williams (Dalgety Bay); 2, ‘Fiddlers Three’, Sonata, David McCreadie (Royal Tay); 3, ‘Misty Blue’, Maxi 84, Brian Pennycook (Forth Corinthians). RS Fleet - 1, ‘Sunflower Blue’, Parker 275, Paul McCombie (St Andrews); 2, ‘C Beagle’, Trapper T28, Kris Burnett (Croquet); 3, ‘Whistler’, Hustler 30, John Livesay (Scarborough).

Squib Series - 1, ‘Jock’, Stewart Murdoch (Royal Tay); 2, ‘Zoom’, David Levison (Royal Tay); 3, ‘Kalash’, Andrew Knowles (Royal Tay).

Duke of Edinburgh Trophy - 1, ‘Kiri’, Salty Dog, Hamish Sutherland (Cramond); 2, ‘Misty Blue’, Maxi 84, Brian Pennycook (Forth Corinthians); 3, ‘Shotgun 6’, J29, Dave Morgan (Royal Northumberland).

Silver Jubilee Race - 1, ‘Brief’n’Counter’, GK 24, David Williams (Dalgety Bay); 2, ‘Thin Lizzy’, Link 30, Jim Williamson (Sunderland); 3, ‘Zulu’, Squib, Bob Wilson (Royal Tay).

Meanwhile, after three races of Royal Tay Evening Points Series 2, Paul Brown’s Laser ‘Over’n’Out’ and Bob Wilson’s ‘Zulu’ lead the dinghy and squib fleets respectively.

Leading overall positions after three races:

Dinghy Fleet (23 boats) - 1, ‘Over’n’Out’, Laser, Paul Brown, 18 points; 2, ‘Accent’, Laser, Stewart Combes, 21 points; 3, ‘Fartypants’, Kestrel, Malcolm Worsley, 26 points.

Squib Fleet (9 boats) - 1, ‘Zulu’, Bob Wilson, 7.5 points; 2, ‘Tom Thumb’, Bob Watson, 13 points; 3, ‘Powder Blue’, Alan Massie, 15 points.