Single point defeat for High School FPs

Carnoustie 15, 

Blairgowrie 16

CARNOUSTIE entertained Blairgowrie in a league game on Saturday. Although the weather was overcast, it was dry and the pitch was good.

The visitors got the match under way but failed to clear the 10 metre line with the kick.  Carnoustie won the scrum and kicked for field position. Blair’ fielded and put the ball through the hands only to knock on.

FPs won the scrum and held the ball at the back foot to gain a penalty, which gave Gavin Dissel the opportunity to open the home account.

The visitors restarted with Jonny Christie fielding but when the ball carrier was put to ground the ball was turned over, allowing Blair’ to break. When stopped, they also turned the ball over, allowing Chris Rankin to clear.

Blair’ then won line-out ball and forced the homesters to concede a penalty which they converted to even up the score.

FPs restarted with Blairgowrie knocking on. The home players won the scrum and drove on only to turn the ball over.

The visitors made a break before putting the ball through the hands, and when halted, turned the ball over. The homesters went wide, only to knock on.

Blair’ won the scrum and drove the ball then recycled cleanly to put the ball through the hands. They penetrated the Carnoustie defence and scored with full points added.

The home team restarted with Blair’ fielding and kicking, but Carnoustie fielded cleanly and ran the ball back, only to be stopped illegally, allowing Gavin Dissel to add three points. After the restart they fielded and drew the penalty, from which they found touch, and won the line out. They set up a drive before sending the ball out wide, but knocked on.

The scrum enabled the visitors to clear their lines, but FPs won the line-out and then a penalty for not releasing the ball carrier enabling Gavin Dissel to reduce the deficit to one point.  The restart was fielded, put through the hands, and then driven with a further penalty awarded, but missed.

The drop out was fielded and returned by Craig Anderson, but did not find touch, allowing the visitors to return the ball and be awarded a penalty, which was also missed.  The drop-out was long but was driven back by Blairgowrie before finding a good touch. Carnoustie’s line throw wasn’t straight and the visitors won the scrum but harrying by the Carnoustie scrum-half caught his opponent in possession, allowing homesters to surge upfield with Jonny Christie to the fore, to gain a penalty. Chris Rankin converted for the lead.  The restart was driven by Tom Hall, recycled, and driven again, but knocked on, bringing the half to an end.

Carnoustie kicked off for the second half, but Blair’ took the early initiative, missed a penalty to the posts and from the drop-out they fielded and broke well upfield.

The home team was now under almost continuous pressure and conceded two kickable penalties, the first of which was missed, but the second converted.

Blair’ returned to the attack but FPs stood strong and eventually broke cleanly before driving to gain a penalty which Gavin Dissel converted.

From a drop-out, FPs broke and drove before kicking and pinning the visitors into their 22. A loose kick was picked up by Blairgowrie and carried to just over half-way, where FPs were deemed to pull down the ruck.

Unbelievably, with the last kick of the game the ball hit the top of the bar and bobbled over to give Blairgowrie victory by one point.

Carnoustie gave their all, playing with great courage and conviction.

Team:  C. Anderson, T. Coffield, C. McNichol, K. Burwood, N. Bowles, A. Shepherd, C. Jeffrey, C. Dawson, G. Stewart, T. Hall, G. Dissel, S. Millar, M. Cowan, C. Rankin, J. Christie, E. Downie, M. McDonald, D. Findlay, B. Paterson, I. Reid, R. Beatty.

Tomorrow’s match

Tomorrow, Carnoustie are at home to Harris with a 3 p.m. kick-off.