Six wicket defeat

ALTHOUGH Forfarshire played well throughout their CSL match against Aberdeenshire at Forthill on Saturday, they suffered an 18-run defeat.

Forthill took the points from Mannofield in their Strathmore Union fixture, while Forthill 2nd XI lost to Rossie Priory by six wickets.

On Sunday, Forthill 3rd XI lost to Falkland XI by six wickets.

Wednesday May 16, S&PU Division One

Dalnacraig v Forthill 2nd XI


D. Lindsay b McConnachie 1

J. Braid ro 38

R. Hopkins lbw Cameron 1

H. Tum c S. Sim b Awan 13

N. Martin c D. Sim b Cameron 0

K. Ancell st S. Sim bLloyd 46

K. Kyles no 3

W. Hardie no 3

Extras 21

Total 6 wickets (20 overs) 132


A. Parker 4 0 9 2

G. Hopkins 4 0 22 4

W. Hardie 4 0 20 3

A. Seed 4 0 18 0

R. Hopkins 0.3 0 3 0

Forthill 2nd XI

S. Bedford b Parker 2

A. Awan b Parker 0

B. Robertson b G. Hopkins 1

S. Cameron c G. Hopkins 5

R. Lloyd st Martin b G. Hopkins 0

S. Sim ro 22

C. McConnachie b Parker 0

D. Sim b Hardie 25

C. Welsh st Martin b Hardie 0

D. Inglis lbw Hardie 0

M. Sargeant no 0

Extras 18

Total 10 wickets 73


C. McConnachie 4 0 24 1

S. Cameron 4 0 11 2

A. Awan 4 0 28 1

C. Welsh 4 0 22 0

M. Sargeant 2 0 24 0

R. Lloyd 2 0 16 1

Result Forthill lost by 59 runs.

Saturday:Cricket Scotland League

Forfarshire v Aberdeenshire

AMAN Bailwal struck two early blows for Forfarshire as openers MacRae and Innes returned to the pavilion inside of five overs. Brendan Ford was next to strike, taking Cooray in the tenth over with 23 on the board. An injury to Graeme Quinn saw Tim Hancock into the attack early, and after a change of ends, Tomlinson played no shot to a delivery that took his off stump.

Tony Weed took a catch off the bowling of Graeme Black and Aman Bailwal took the crucial wicket of Reid in his second spell. A captain’s innings of 34 not out from Buchan took Aberdeenshire up to 175 for 9 at the end of 50 overs.

Forfarshire’s reply started quickly, with 50 scored in the tenth over as Matthew Parker (36 from 55 balls) and Brendan Ford (32 from 30 balls) scored freely until the introduction of Cooray saw both dismissed in quick succession. Scott Galloway followed soon after with the total on 86 for 3. Aman Bailwal (15 from 11 balls) and Tony Weed (9 from 13 balls) both got starts, but Forfarshire struggled to 125 for 5. Craig Wallace was adjudged LBW for 22 with 39 runs still required, but after Tim Hancock was stumped, the introduction of McKenna brought a rapid end to the Forfarshire innings with wickets in consecutive deliveries.


N. MacRae b Bailwal 0

A. Innes lbw Bailwal 3

H. Cooray lbw Ford 15

K. Reid c Galloway b Bailwal 33

G. Tomlinson b Hancock 3

C. Martin c Weed b Black 7

M. Hays b Ahmed 38

A. Singh b Black 1

T. Buchan no 34

C. West b Bailwal 6

A. McKenna b 11

Extras 24

Total 9 wickets (50 overs) 175


T. Buchan 7 2 26 0

C. West 9 0 47 1

A. Singh 1 0 16 0

H. Cooray 10 1 45 5

N. MacRae 6 0 14 2

A. McKenna 2.3 0 3 2


B. Ford b Cooray 32

M. Parker c MacRae b Cooray 36

C. Wallace lbw Cooray 22

S. Galloway c Martin b West 7

A. Bailwal c Reid b Cooray 15

T. Weed lbw Cooray 9

D. Fearn b MacRae 2

T. Hancock st Reid b MacRae 6

G. Black b McKenna 9

J. Ahmed no 1

G. Quinn b McKenna 0

Extras 17

Total 10 wickets (35.3 overs) 156


A. Bailwal 10 3 27 4

G. Quinn 2.4 1 5 0

T. Hancock 5.2 1 19 1

B. Ford 5 1 22 1

G. Black 10 1 30 2

J. Ahmed 10 1 32 1

S. Galloway 7 1 32 0

Result: Forfarshire lost by 19 runs

S&PU Premier Division

Mannofield v Forthill

THE SECOND team match was moved to Kellands Park, Inverurie, due to vandalism of the Mannofield square over the winter, and the recent heavy rain saw a soft wicket and slow outfield, make for a low scoring game. Lachlan Tosh was topscorer with 38 as Forthill crawled to 117 for 7 in 45 overs, but it proved a winning total as Mannofield were bowled out for 110.


Team: D. Petrie, E. McCandless, L. Tosh, S. Cameron, D. Sweeney, S. Hill, C. Walker, S. Bedford, A. Ahmed, A. Cameron, G. Walker.

Extras 0

Total 7 wickets (45 overs) 117


Extras 0

Total 10 wickets 110

Result: Forthill won by seven runs.

S&PU Division One

Rossie Priory v Forthill 2nd XI

GROUND conditions at Rossie Priory were best described as soft, but with both teams keen to play, the match went ahead. Forthill 2nd XI crept up to 95 with Clark McConnachie and Bryce Robertson top-scorers. The home side reached their target with the loss of four wickets.

Forthill 2nd XI

Team: D. Sim, S. Sim, G. Carnegie, C. McConnachie, J. Findlay, J. Hogarth, A. Hill, B. Robertson, C. Robertson, A. Awan.

Extras 0

Total 10 wickets 95

Rossie Priory

Total 4 wickets 96

Result: Forthill 2nd XI lost by six wickets.


S&PU Division Three

Forthill 3rd XI v Falkland XI

FALKLAND XI were visitors to Forthill on Sunday and creditable batting saw Forthill 3rd XI record 137 for 4 after 40 overs. Falkland wasted little time in securing victory, but lost three wickets along the way.

Result: Forthill 3rd XI lost by six wickets.


Under-15s national knock-out - Ferry Forfs v Perth Doo’cot.

Ferry Forfs 121 for 6, Perth Doo’cot 56 all out.

Result: Ferry Forfs won by 65 runs.


mPower (3 Counties Cup), Arbroath United v Forthill.

Arbroath United, total 2 wickets 77.

Forthill, total 10 wickets 76.

Result: Forthill lost by eight wickets.

Fixtures: Saturday May 26 - Cricket Scotland League, Forfarshire v Arbroath, away, Lochlands, 12 noon; S&PU Premier Division, Forthill v Arbroath United, home, 1 p.m; Division One, Forthill 2nd XI v Norwood, away, Dawson Park, 1 p.m. Sunday May 27 - Friendly, Forfarshire v Arbroath & DHSFP 20/20, away, Lochlands, tbc. S&PU Division Three, Forthill 3rd XI v Freuchie XI, home 1 p.m. Tuesday May 29 - mPower (3 Counties Cup), Forthill v Arbroath United, reserve day, away, Lochlands, 6.15 p.m. Ferry Forfs: Saturday, May 26 - U10’s v Strathmore, home, 10 a.m. Wednesday May 30 – Under-13s v Strathmore, home, 6.30 p.m. Thursday May 31 – Under-15s v Strathmore, away, Lochside Park, 6.30 p.m. Under-10s, Primary Schools Competition, home, 10 a.m.