Sports Round-up


Club Returns

Stuart Marriott of Birstall Golf Club, Leicestershire, was this year’s winner of the Craw’s Nest Tassie, defeating Carnoustie’s Scott Mann at the fourth extra hole of a closely contested final over the Championship Course on Saturday afternoon.

In the handicap competition for the Maulesbank Trophy, the winner was Jim Quinn of The Shire Golf Club, Hertfordshire, who edged a one hole victory over Alan Woodward, Boyce Hill Golf Club, Essex, in the final over the Burnside Course. Full matchplay results in both competitions:

Craw’s Nest Tassie (Scratch)

First Round

S. Mann, Carnoustie, beat A. Morris, Deane, 5 and 4; E. McFarlane, Thorndon Park, beat A. McBride, Bedlingtonshire, 3 and 2; C. Harrison, Broadstone, beat S. Hopwood, Queens Park, 2 and 1; S. Sansome, Birstall, beat A. Jones, West Lancashire, 7 and 6; D. Homewood, Addington Palace, beat J. Bengtson, St Jorgen, 2 and 1; T. Hartey, Queens Park, beat G. Marshall, Birstall, one hole; S. Reid, Dalhousie, beat D. Hardie, Chester, 5 and 4; D. Elder, Carnoustie, beat J. Steele, Broome Manor, 8 and 6; J. Whittaker, Bolton, beat M. Taylor, Montrose Mercantile, 7 and 6; A. Hunter, Pitreavie, beat G. Cree, Welbeck, at 19th; C. Webb, Birstall, beat R. Soen, Walmley, 6 and 5; D. Adkins, Stock Brook Manor, beat P. Burry, Seacroft, 7 and 6; P. Wilson, Wychwood Park, beat B. Whiteman, Addington Palace, 3 and 2; A. Evans, The Shire, beat A. Pilling, Deane, at 21st; M. Dornell, Osterakers, beat M. Jones, Padeswood & Buckley, 6 and 4; D. Mellon, Carnoustie, beat I. Willis, The Shire, two holes.

N. Jones, West Lancashire, beat J. Shasteen, International, 6 and 4; S. Adkins, Stock Brook Manor, beat D. Teece, Baildon, two holes; J. Hazel, Romford, beat S. Brooks, Blyth, 3 and 2; D. Hamilton, Mortonhall, beat P. Smith, The Shire, 4 and 3; A. Webster, Childwall, beat A. Siggers, Studley Wood, 2 and 1; R. Ward, Ullesthorpe, beat P. Dolton, Frilford Heath, 2 and 1; J. Cox, Greanmount, beat G. Torrie, New Taymouth, 5 and 4; S. Marriott, Birstall, beat R. Parkinson, Ferndown, 5 and 4; A. Williams, Prestatyn, beat Sam Wilding, Romford, 2 and 1; J. Morris, Queens Park, beat J. Partington, Walsall, 3 and 1; P. Sandin, Osterakers, beat D. Jardine, West Lancashire, at 20th; T. Winters, Crewe, beat C. Bainbridge, Donnington Grove, 2 and 1; I. Kearney, West Lancashire, beat P. Didsbury, Blyth, 4 and 3; N. Hunter, Breightmet, beat P. Akerblom, Osterakers, 5 and 4; B. Hynd, Pitreavie, beat S. Jenkins, The Shire, at 19th; N. Moncur, Broughty, beat L. Spooner, Sundridge Park, at 20th.

Second Round

Mann beat McFarlane, 3 and 2; Sansome beat Harrison, one hole; Homewood beat Hartey, 6 and 4; Elder beat Reid, 4 and 3; A. Hunter beat Whittaker, at 19th; Webb beat D. Adkins, 3 and 2; Evans beat Wilson, at 20th; Dornell beat Mellon, at 20th.

S. Adkins beat Jones, 3 and 2; Hazel beat Hamilton, one hole; Ward beat Webster, 5 and 3; Marriott beat Cox, two holes; Williams beat Morris, at 20th; Winters beat Sandin, 2 and 1; N. Hunter beat Kearney, two holes; Hynd beat Moncur, two holes.

Third Round

Mann beat Sansome, 2 and 1; Elder beat Homewood, at 20th; Webb beat A. Hunter, 6 and 5; Dornell beat Evans, 5 and 3; Hazel beat Adkins, 4 and 3; Marriott beat Ward, one hole; Winters beat Williams, 6 and 5; N. Hunter beat Hynd, one hole.


Mann beat Elder, 2 and 1; Dornell beat Webb, 2 and 1; Marriott beat Hazel, 4 and 3; Winters beat Hunter, one hole.


Mann beat Dornell, at 21st; Marriott beat Winters, 3 and 1.


Marriott beat Mann, at 22nd.

Maulesbank Trophy (Handicap)

First Round

J. Whitlock, Blundells Hill, beat D. O’Neil, Childwall, 4 and 3; M. Seenan, Worsley, beat K. Forster, Hawkstone Park, one hole; J. Quinn, The Shire, beat W. Laverty, Breightmet, 2 and 1; R. Osborne, Hornsea, beat M. Riley, Breightmet, 4 and 3; P. Kirkland, Blundells Hill, beat J. Callaghan, Breightmet, 4 and 3; C. Greer, Hinckley, beat G. Corby, Lingdale, one hole; J. Wenell, Agesta, beat C. Ralph, Blundells Hill, 2 and 1; Scott Wilding, Romford, beat P.J. Bown, West Lancashire, 4 and 3; J. Durrell, Romford, beat J. Smith, Denton, 6 and 5; F. Nelson, Worsley, beat S. Hulse, Crewe, 2 and 1; M. Moulds, Hornsea, beat B. Whitfield, Bay Creek, at 20th; A. Moffat, Crow Wood, beat C. Cassie, Nigg Bay, 5 and 4; R. Turner, Stock Brook Manor, beat B. Merrilees, Carnoustie, walkover; I. Callaghan, Childwall, beat D. Holden, Walton Heath, at 19th; R. McCarron, Glenbervie, beat J. Axford, Donnington Grove, 3 and 2; V. Hakopuro, Kunsbacka, beat J. McNally, West Lancashire, 2 and 1.

D. Beasley, Orsett, beat S. McCreadie, Dundonald Links, 3 and 2; S. Morgan, Crow Wood, beat P. Marriott, Seacroft, 2 and 1; D. Spooner, Sundridge Park, beat R. Hughes, Rotherham, at 21st; P. Carr, West Lancashire, beat P. Dudeck, Golf Channel Players Club, 2 and 1; N. Smith, Breightmet, beat J. Adler, Meyrick Park, one hole; A. Topping, Worsley, beat D. Joyce, South Herts, one hole; A. Woodward, Boyce Hill, beat G. Edwards, Alyth, one hole; J. Dolan, Crow Wood, beat S. Meethz, Goteborg, one hole; R. Lee, Portal, beat G. Tatum, Chorley, 8 and 6; M. Oliver, Baildon, beat R. Gration, Hayling, 3 and 2; R. McKnight, Worsley, beat P. Griffin, Blundells Hill, two holes; G. Fee, Bramhall, beat S. Dymoke, Broome Manor, 4 and 3; M. Hanson, Mellor & Townscliffe, beat A. Barlow, Worsley, 3 and 2; J. Willingham, Studley Wood, beat S. Darwin, Durham City, one hole; R. Phillips, Worsley, beat S. Platt, Breightmet, 5 and 4; P. Glancy, Pitreavie, beat R. Hawkins, Chelmsford, at 21st.

Second Round

Seenan beat Whitlock, 3 and 1; Quinn beat Osborne, 6 and 5; Kirkland beat Greer, at 19th; Wilding beat Wenell, 6 and 4; Durrell beat Nelson, 5 and 4; Moffat beat Moulds, 5 and 3; Turner beat Callaghan, 3 and 2; McCarron beat Hakopuro, 4 and 2.

Beasley beat Morgan, at 20th; Carr beat Spooner, one hole; Topping beat Smith, two holes; Woodward beat Dolan, 5 and 4; Oliver beat Lee, 3 and 1; Fee beat McKnight, 3 and 2; Willingham beat Hanson, at 19th; Phillips beat Glancy, 2 and 1.

Third Round

Quinn beat Seenan, 3 and 2; Wilding beat Kirkland, 6 and 5; Durrell beat Moffat, 3 and 2; Turner beat McCarron, 5 and 3; Carr beat Beasley, one hole; Woodward beat Topping, one hole; Fee beat Oliver, at 19th; Phillips beat Willingham, 2 and 1.


Quinn beat Wilding, 4 and 3; Durrell beat Turner, 2 and 1; Woodward beat Carr, one hole; Fee beat Phillips, at 20th.


Quinn beat Durrell, one hole; Woodward beat Fee, one hole.


Quinn beat Woodward, one hole.

Carnoustie Ladies: Buddon Links, Daily Mail Foursomes – C. Healey and R. Fletcher (15) 72; J. Craig and S. Brunton (13) 76 bih; J. Capp and M. Ritchie (22) 76.

Carnoustie Caledonia Ladies: Buddon Links, Stroke Competition CSS 70 – R. Fletcher (19) 67; C. Healey (11) 69 bih; W. Clarke (21) 69.

Grange Ladies: Ashludie Course, Wednesday Stroke CSS 68, Silver – H. Elrick (12) 65; I. Dutch (16) 67; D. Watson (16) 70. Bronze – M. Saunders (26) 61; C. Scott (28) 64; M. Davidson (22) 68. Nine-hole Competition – M. Napier 20 points; P. Snee 19.

Ladies Panmure Barry: Medal Winners/Stroke Competition CSS 74, Silver – S. Goudie (15) 73; S. Arbuckle (5) 76 bih; M. Thomson (20) 76. Bronze – A. McNicoll (27) 73; T. McInroy (26) 74 bih; J. Ferguson (24) 74. Black Competition CSS 69 R/O – M. McLean (35) 75. Medal Winners’ Trophy – A. McNicoll.

Monifieth: Medal Course CSS 71 – P. Gardiner (8) 63; K. Gillespie (10) 69; C. Brunton 9), A. McClymont (9) 70. Magic Twos – S. Hills. Ashludie Course CSS 68 – J. Mitchell (6) 63; D. Smart (7) 68; G. Smith (14) 69.

Monifieth Golf Links: Mixed Greensomes, Handicap – F. Anderson and I. Jamieson, G.L. Doig Trophy. 1st Scratch – R. Reyner and F. Miller, Carnoustie Caledonia 73; 2nd Scratch - R. Morrison and I. Morrison, St Andrews and St Regulus 78. Handicap Section One – K. Gemmell and L. Love, Haddington and Gifford 69. Scratch - 13.4 - L. Salariya and A. Salariya, Forfar 69.6; I. Smith and W. Smith, Grange and Monifieth 69.8. Handicap Section Two – T. Cole and E. Cole, Royal Montrose 68.8. 14+ - A. McKenzie and E. Morrison, Cathkin Braes and Langlands 69.4; R. MacDonald and C. MacDonald, Grange 69.6.

Monifieth Ladies: Wednesday Stroke CSS 69 – D. Brown (33) 68; M. Boyd (18) 71 bih; I. Oakland (36) 71.

Hole-in-One: Grange Ladies’ Dee Watson hit a hole-in-one at the 6th hole on the Ashludie Course on Sunday with a Rescue 6 club. Her playing partners were Ray Watson, Carol Scott and Stewart Scott.

Midland Golfers’ Alliance held the PowaKaddy (A. Duncan) Team competition at a sunny Forfar golf club last Wednesday, September 10.

Alex Moir, Thornton, (+2) won the scratch prize by three shots with a superb two-under-par 67.

Kevin Smith, Montrose, (5), Gary Tough, Edzell, (+2) and Ian Butchart, Strathmore, (6) won the team prize with a score of 59.

Leading scores:


67 - A. Moir, Thornton.

70 - J. Smith, Charleton.

71 - S. McKendrick, Dunkeld; M. Pirie (AP), Pitlochry.

72 - G. Tough, Edzell; S. Paterson, Lundin; J. Strachan, Montrose; A. Martin (AP), Dukes.

73 - H. Wong (P), Wellsgreen.

74 - J. Watt, Edzell; W. Barclay, Downfield; M. MacKenzie (AP), Edzell; D. Sim, Panmure; S. Robertson, Downfield; D. Thomson, Downfield.


68 - S. Paterson, Lundin, (4); J. Smith, Charleton, (2); D. Redford, Murrayshall, (11).

69 - W. Barclay, Downfield, (5); R. Baldie, Crieff, (7); D. Sim, Panmure, (5); A. Moir, Thornton, (+2).

70 - D. Herd, Scotscraig, (12); S. Taylor, Stirling, (13); P. Jeffrey, Duddingston, (11); J. Strachan, Montrose, (2); B. Crosbie, Blairgowrie, (5); K. Smith, Montrose, (5); D. Thomson, Downfield, (4).

PowaKaddy (A. Duncan( Team Competition

59 - K. Smith, Montrose, (5), G. Tough, Edzell, (+2) and I. Butchart, Strathmore, (6).

60 - A. Duncan (3), D. Redford (11) and D. Hutcheson (7), all Murrayshall; G. Wilkie, Muckhart, (14), H. Salmond, Alloa, (6) T. Cooper, 19th Hole, (8).

Qualifiers for the JTC Interiors Express Championship were A. Moir, Thornton, (+2), J. Smith, Charleton, (2), S. Paterson, Lundin, (4), J. Strachan, Montrose, (2) and A. Martin (AP), Dukes.

McQueen Shield qualifiers were J. Smith, Charleton, (2) and D. Redford, Murrayshall, (11).

Next week’s meeting is at Alyth on Thursday, September 25, with tee-times between 8.30 a.m. and 12.30 p.m.

Angus Ladies County Golf Association: Champion of Champions, Panmure Barry CSS 76 – G. Montieth 76; A. Ramsay 77; C. Robertson 79.

Ballumbie Castle Ladies: Stableford CSS 73 – A. Callaghan (18) 32; A. McKay (20) 31; F. Soutar (22) 30.

Grange Ladies: Saturday Stroke, Ashludie CSS 68 – P. Wicksted (20) 67; M. Saunders (23) 68.

Ladies’ Panmure Monifieth: Extra Medal CSS 74 – P. Mackie bih, D. Watson 74; T. Hewitt 75; R. Meldrum 77. Ashludie CSS 67 – E. Stewart 65; M. McGregor bih, G. Smith 67. Quaich – G. Smith. Nine-hole Ashludie – M. Milne 15; B. Balfour 13. J. Smith winner – M.B. Balfour.

Monifieth: Medal Course CSS 71 – C. Browne (4) 68; D. Rew (18), K. Hutton (6) 70. Magic Twos – M. Stewart/P. Guilcher/C. Brunton. Ashludie Course CSS 64 – J. Law (12), I. Kelly (9) 63; G. Smith (14) 64. Inter-club – Leven 8.5, Monifieth 2.5.

Monifieth Ladies: Autumn Meeting CSS 75, Division One – K. Lowden (11) 80 bih; J. Brown (4) 80. Division Two – W. Smith (21) 75; U. Cairnie (21) 76. Saturday Stroke/Millenium Quaich, Round Three CSS 68, Division One – P. Wicksted (20) 67; M. Boyd (18) 67; J. Brown (4) 69. Division Two – R. Philp (34) 69; M. Sherrit (28) 70; H. Lowe (28) 71.

Monifieth Links: Mixed Greensomes, Handicap, G.L. Doig Trophy – F. Anderson and I. Jamieson, Monifieth Mercantile 67.2. Scratch – R. Reyner and F. Miller, Carnoustie Caledonia 73; R. Morrison and I. Morrison, St Andrews 78. Section One – K. Gemmell and L. Love 69; L. Salariya and A. Salariya 69.6; I. Smith and W. Smith 69.8. Section Two – T. Cole and E. Cole 68.8; A. McKenzie and E. Morrison, R. MacDonald and C. MacDonald 69.6.


In the Angus Ladies’ County Golf Association Champion of Champions tournament at Panmure Barry, Carnoustie Ladies, Claire Robertson finished in third place, three shots behind winner Gillian Monteith, Royal Montrose, with County Champion, Ann Ramsay, Kirriemuir in second place.

Broughty: Medal Course CSS 71 – R. Innes (9) 65; G. Prendiville (14) 67; T. Moffat (12), S. Barclay (11) 69. Saturday, Medal Course CSS 71, Section One – L.Merchant (5) 69; G. Galloway (12) 70; C. Mulliss (7) 71. Section Two – K. Laing (13) 71; A. Allardice (18) 73. Ashludie CSS 64 – J. Douglas (13) 73. Sunday, Ashludie CSS 67 – G. Westwater (8), A. Murphy (10) 68.

Carnoustie Golf Club: Tuesday September 16, Championship Course, Strokeplay CSS 76, all one class - G.J.S. Beats (13) 74; A.C. Neal (11) 79. Buddon Links, Strokeplay CSS 69, all one class - S.A. Bricknal (4) 66; B. Melville (6) 69; D. Marshall (8), J.A. Kennedy (Scr), B. Goodman (5), E. O’Brien (3) 70.

Ladies Panmure Barry: Stableford CSS 77 – M. Weyers (36) 37 points; A. Anderson (32) 33 bih; M. Thomson (20) 33. Black Course Stableford CSS 66 – H. Philp (27) 37 points.



Local curling clubs Monifieth and Panmure commence the new Phin League season at Dundee Ice Arena next week with fixtures against Balruddery and Claverhouse respectively.

Tuesday’s fixtures: Balruddery v Monifieth; Claverhouse v Panmure; Fothringham v Dundee University; Dundee v Dundee Ice Arena; Lundie v Braeknowe; Virtual Club v Team A.


Carnoustie League

Taymouth Corner stay undefeated in Section A of the League Cup as do 19th Hole A and Legioneers in Section B.

Results; League Cup Section A – Taymouth Corner 12, Stag’s head 0; Craw’s Nest 3, 19th Hole 9. Section B – 19th Hole A 9, Corner 3; Legioneers 8, British Legion 4. D. Smith, Legioneers 8-ball clearance.

Fixtures 23/9: League Cup Section A – Stag’s head v 19th Hole; Taymouth Corner v Craw’s Nest. Section B – British Legion v Corner; 19th Hole A v Legioneers.


Angus Bowling Association

Henderson Charity Trophy – Winners Balgay BC + 37. Runner-up equal – Broughty and Newgate + 26.

Barnhill Bowling Club

The Carnoustie rink of John Cumming, Ken Naylor, Susan Naylor and Sandra Coffin won the final of the Samson Open Mixed Fours beating the Barnhill rink of Rory McLeod, Dave Neave, Ivy Ogg and Sheila Rattray 7-4. The semi-finalists were the rinks of Ronnie Duell and Henry Chapman.

Broughty Bowling Club

Fixtures: Saturday September 20 – Masters/Classic, 9 a.m. Sunday – Masters/Classic 9 a.m. Wednesday – Ladies Closing Day, 2 p.m.


Belhaven Broughty Ferry League

The unbeaten run of both Fort and Eagle Inn comes to an end in the latest matches in the Belhaven Broughty Ferry Domino League. Results - Vault 80, Papa Jacques 86; Occidental 71, Anchor A 82; Anchor 74, Occidental Ex. 94; Gunners 93, Bar Leo 79; Fort 71, Doc Ferry’s 78; Crown 86, Post Office Bar 79; Eagle Inn 64, Vault A 92. Fixtures Tuesday September 22 – Anchor A v Vault; Occidental Ex. V Occidental; Bar Leo v Anchor; Doc Ferry’s v Gunners; Vault A v Fort; Papa Jacques v Crown; Post office Bar v Eagle Inn.