Steve Clenaghan Darts League trophy winners

Steve Clenaghan Auto Centre Darts League held their 180s competition and annual presentation day on Sunday in the Vault.

Trophy winners were:

League - winners, Doc Ferry’s; runners-up, Vault Stars.

Consolation League – winners, Occidental.

League Cup – winners, Doc Ferry’s; runners-up, Vault Stars.

Consolation League Cup – winners, Occidental.

Knock-out Cup – winners, Vault Stars; runners-up, Doc Ferry’s.

Consolation Cup – winners, Occidental.

Singles – winner, G. Adams, Doc Ferry’s; runner-up, D. Gowans, Doc Ferry’s.

Doubles – winners, D. McGlone/ G. Ramsay, Occidental; runners-up, K. McGinn/G. Wilson, Doc Ferry’s.

Threes – winners, P. Whyte, G. Adams, A. Wilson, J. Robertson, J. Leighton, Doc Ferry’s (1); runners-up, G. Kettles, F. McDonald, T. Ferguson, D. MacIntosh, G. Wilson, A. Dodds, Occidental A.

Fours - winners, K. McGinn, G. Wilson, D. Gowans, B. Gardyne, S. Clenaghan, Doc Ferry’s (2); runners-up – P. Whyte, G. Adams, J. Robertson, R. Taylor, J. Leighton, Doc Ferry’s (1).

Captains’ Cup – winner, P. Whyte, Doc Ferry’s.

Champions’ Cup – winner, D. McGlone, Occidental.

‘Remembered Friends’ – winner, G. Adams, Doc Ferry’s.

Least darts – G. Adams, Doc Ferry’s, and K. Petrie, Gunners.

Highest finish – 170, M. Steele, Vault Stars.

180s – winner, J. Laing, Doc Ferry’s; runner-up, G. Adams, Doc Ferry’s.