Still no league win for FPs

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CARNOUSTIE High School FPs continued their quest for their first league victory of the season with several regulars back in the fold.

Madras kicked off, with Ewan Fraser fielding and driving but going accidentally off-side giving Madras the scrum feed. They heeled and went wide but were forced to touch.

The home throw wasn’t straight giving the visitors a further scrum. The ball was played to the left finding the winger in space and allowing him to run in unchallenged but they failed to convert.

FPs restarted and fielded the short kick. The home kicker was tackled late and a penalty was awarded but the kick missed the posts. The drop out was run back by Tom Hall then driven, but turned over.

From a line-out, Madras went wide and the homesters knocked on in an attempt to intercept the ball. The visitors then made a clean break but a solid defence dislodged the ball as the carrier was in the act of touching down. Carnoustie then set up a series of drives but again knocked on and from the scrum Madras ran the ball only to be stopped with a high tackle. The resultant penalty allowed the visitors to add three points to their score.

The restart was long and the ball went to ground before striking a defender and rolling to touch. FPs secured the ball and drove, recycled, and drove again, before bringing Tom Hall into play, allowing him to drive over in the corner. The conversion fell short.

The restart was fielded cleanly but kicked infield allowing the visitors to run at the defence, but a solid tackle by Owen Hughes forced a knock-on. Carnoustie cleared from the scrum, but only to the 22. Madras won the line-out and drove, but were held up over the line.

The visitors fed the scrum, but although FPs defence was solid, the referee saw an infringement and awarded a penalty to Madras, which was converted.

Worse was to come, for Carnoustie, when their restart kick was long, and the follow up slow, allowing Madras to field and drive through the first line of defence, recycle quickly when stopped, and send the ball wide for the winger to cross, but without the conversion.

Half-time; Carnoustie 5, Madras 16.

Carnoustie started the second half with Ewan Fraser fielding, and drives set up then, from a subsequent scrum, Owen Hughes picked up and drove, found Tom Hall in support but he was stopped before any damage was done.

From the scrum kicks were exchanged before FPs drove, gained a penalty, which was tapped and driven, and then a further penalty. The kick struck the outside of the post, but was touched down.

Madras attacked, chipping into the 22 and retrieving it before sending it wide, to score in the corner. They also scored late on when they again played the ball to the wing and ran in for another try which was converted.

Team: Burwood, Nicholson, Bowles, Hall, Findlay, Rankin, Jeffrey, Addison, Murray, Dawson, P. Christie, Fraser, J. Christie, Cowan, Hughes, Cook, Coates, Downie, Paterson, McDonald, Reid and Smart.

Tomorrow (Saturday), Carnoustie are away to Blairgowrie in the RBS Regional Bowl. Kick-off is at 2 p.m.