Tay Week Regatta

ORGANISED by the Tay Yacht Clubs Association, the 60th annual Tay Week Regatta will be hosted this weekend by Royal Tay Yacht Club, Broughty Ferry.

Sailing commences tomorrow (Saturday) at 12 noon and highlight of the five-race programme over the two days will be the Lawson Cup All-Class Handicap.

Meanwhile, a further two races in Royal Tay’s dinghy evening points series one were sailed recently.

Race five was won by Bill Carson in his Dart 18 ‘Kit Kat’, and race six by Stewart Murdoch in his Kestrel ‘Seathing’.


Race five - 1, ‘Kit Kat’, Dart 18, Bill Carson; 2, ‘Purple Helmet’, Laser 4000, David Philp; 3, ‘Seathing’, Kestrel, Stewart Murdoch; 4, ‘Farty Pants’, Kestrel, Malcolm Worsley; 5, ‘Blooburd’, Kestrel, Angus Fleming; 6, ‘Ripple’, Laser, Richard Harper; 7, ‘Rare Bird’, Kestrel, Alistair Hood; 8, ‘Dittybox 2’, Laser, Rory Broadhurst.

Race six - 1, ‘Seathing’, Kestrel, Stewart Murdoch; 2, ‘Balls to the Wall’, Fireball, Peter Hay; 3, ‘Second Fiddle’, Kestrel, Ian Hunter; 4, ‘Ripple’, Laser, Richard Harper; 5, ‘Blooburd’, Kestrel, Angus Fleming; 6, ‘Dittybox 2’, Laser, Rory Broadhurst; 7, ‘Purple Helmet’, Laser 4000, David Philp; 8, ‘Kit Kat’, Dart 18, Bill Carson.