Tay Yacht Club competition results

EVENING points sailing at Royal Tay Yacht Club, Broughty Ferry, continued last Tuesday with race five in dinghy series two.

Seven of the 20 boats now registered for the series started the race, but only three managed to complete the course and were led across the finishing line by Stewart Murdoch’s Kestrel ‘Seathing’.


Race five - 1, ‘Seathing’, Kestrel, S. Murdoch; 2, ‘Balls to the Wall’, Fireball, P. Hay; 3, ‘Farty Pants’, Kestrel, M. Worsley; 4 equal, ‘Ripple’, Laser, R. Harper, ‘Mrs Piggy Wiggy’, Feva, S. Bremner, No Name’, RS 500, O. Baker, and ‘Sweeny’, Solo, G. Tildesley, all failed to finish.

Leading overall placings after five races: 1, ‘Farty Pants’, Kestrel, M. Worsley, 29 points; 2, ‘Seathing’, Kestrel, S. Murdoch, 46 points; 3, ‘Rare Bird’, Kestrel, A. Hood, 53 points; 4, ‘Second Fiddle’, Kestrel, I. Hunter, 66 points; 5, ‘Balls to the Wall’, Fireball, P. Hay, 69 points; 6, ‘Purple Helmet’, Laser 4000, D. Philp, 72 points; 7, ‘Ripple’, Laser, R. Harper, 73 points; 8, ‘Geronimo’, A-Class Catamaran, S. Menhinick, 75 points; 9, ‘Hakunamatata’, Kestrel, F. Moir, 77 points; 10, ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’, RS 200, R. Harper, 86 points.