Thumbs up for Burnside and Championship

Carnoustie Golf Links’ Championship Course recently received its spring agronomy visit on behalf of the R&A.

At the same time the Burnside Course received its spring visit as part the subscription with Sports Turf Research Institute.

Both inspections were conducted by agronomist Dr Richard Windows.

And both courses received outstanding reports following the inspections.

All the work and input from the green-keeping staff was justifiably commended and the committee say they can take pride in the results of all their hard work being formally recognised.

Visitors to the courses are also unanimous in their praise for the conditions they find, even if some of them are not quite so happy with the golfing challenges that they face!

The comments in the visitors’ book are universally positive.

And the committee added that terms such as “awesome, stunning, challenging, a true test of golf, the best course we’ve played” are regularly found.

A spokesperson for Carnoustie Golf Links was delighted with the results of the visit, especially as the weather provided tough conditions during the winter months.

The spokesperson explained: “The Carnoustie Golf Links Management are appreciative of all the green-keeping work, after what has been an extremely severe and testing winter and spring.

“Naturally local golfers will also be taking pride in such national and international praise.”