Tom Hay Trophy competition winners

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PANMURE Curling Club recently crowned the winners of the Tom and Sheena Hay Trophy.

The trophy was contested on October 17 and February 6 and the highest combined score was recorded by the team skipped by Bob Cochrane.

His team of Allan Cairns, Jan Tait and Shirley Jeans beat Graeme Currieā€™s team of Alison Connelly, Johnston Ralston and Jill Coull 12-5 and 6-5.

Cochrane was a man down in the first match and so was penalised three points, meaning his side actually scored 15 points.

In curling, fielding a three man team is considered an advantage, and it is usual for a team to be penalised six points in an inter-club game, but Panmure have reduced this for balance their in-house competitions.