Tom Hay Trophy competition winners

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PANMURE Curling Club recently crowned the winners of the Tom and Sheena Hay Trophy.

The trophy was contested on October 17 and February 6 and the highest combined score was recorded by the team skipped by Bob Cochrane.

His team of Allan Cairns, Jan Tait and Shirley Jeans beat Graeme Currie’s team of Alison Connelly, Johnston Ralston and Jill Coull 12-5 and 6-5.

Cochrane was a man down in the first match and so was penalised three points, meaning his side actually scored 15 points.

In curling, fielding a three man team is considered an advantage, and it is usual for a team to be penalised six points in an inter-club game, but Panmure have reduced this for balance their in-house competitions.