Weakened side overwhelmed in St Andrews

Madras 66, Carnoustie HSFPs 10

CARNOUSTIE travelled to league leaders Madras having been well beaten in the home fixture and with late call-offs due to training injuries leaving them with a lack of numbers on the bench.

The pitch was in good order and overhead conditions were also good.

FPs kicked off and kicks were exchanged before Bruce Langlands found a good touch.

Madras won the line-out and cleared before running the ball but holding on when tackled. The visitors missed touch with the penalty but Madras then knocked on.

Carnoustie then made touch from a penalty but lost the line out and subsequently missed touch from a penalty with a home counter-attacking strongly to cross for the opening score which was converted.

From the restart Madras fielded the ball and set up a ruck before playing the ball wide for the winger to race away to touch down again with the conversion added.

The St Andrews men quickly repeated the dose from ruck ball and played it wide for an unconverted try.

Carnoustie were able to establish field position and, following a scrum for squint throw at the line out by Madras, the ball went wide leading to a line out which was won and again played quickly wide allowing Dean Nicholson room to cross. The conversion was missed.

Kicks were exchanged before Madras knocked on and then pushed early in the scrum allowing FPs to clear. The pressure told and the homesters crossed again from wide ball with the conversion added.

From the restart Madras drove but were penalised. The penalty found touch and the line was won. The Fife side again infringed, with the penalty tapped and quickly run but Bruce Langlands was held up over the line.

From the scrum Madras were penalised and the visitors popped the ball into the corner but were themselves penalised at the line out.

The homesters cleared but a further penalty saw FPs return to the 22, the line-out was won and the ball played wide, but when the move was stopped the referee blew for half time.

Madras restarted the game with Carnoustie fielding and clearing but not finding touch. The home side’s counter-attack was swift and sure, resulting in a converted try.

Carnoustie restarted, Madras fielded and kicked high, the ball was dropped by the full back and with Madras there in numbers to take advantage the winger was again left with a clear run to the line, with the conversion again added.

In the next attack FPs drove but knocked on. The home players won the scrum before kicking into the wide area where there was acres of space for the wide man to gather and score, but with no conversion.

Carnoustie were not helping themselves with another penalty failing to find touch.

The initial Madras surge was repelled, but from a subsequent scrum the home side ran strongly before putting the winger into space to again cross with full points added.

FPs restarted and their hosts again went wide but conceded a penalty. Carnoustie found touch with the home side knocking on at the line-out, with the scrum won but the ball then knocked on.

From the scrum Madras chipped over the defence but the ball ran dead. The Fifers fielded the drop-out and again found space out wide enabling them to add a further seven points.

The restart was fielded by Madras and again flung wide for another converted try.

From the restart Carnoustie regained the ball and drove gaining a penalty which found touch.

The line-out was won and also a subsequent scrum allowing Chris Rankin to break strongly before slipping an excellent pass to Nathan Bowles who was able to stay infield and touchdown.

The kick failed and the referee brought the game to an end.

Carnoustie: Pattullo, Bowles, Beaty, Coffield, Nicholson, Rankin, Jeffrey, Hall, Murray, Dissel, Murray, Fraser, Esposito Langlands, Millar, Macdonald and Morrison.


Tomorrow (Saturday), Carnoustie play host to St Andrews University in the first round of the Caledonia Regional Bowl. Kick-off time at Shanwell Road is 3 p.m.

Scottish Hydro Caledonia League Two (Midlands)

P W L D F A BP Pts

Madras 11 11 0 0 498 141 9 53

Fife Southern 10 6 4 0 357 122 10 34

Alloa 11 7 4 0 304 177 5 33

Carnoustie HSFP 11 7 4 0 178 251 2 30

Kinross 10 4 6 0 156 238 4 20

Blairgowrie 9 3 6 0 206 184 6 18

Arbroath 9 1 8 0 89 332 3 7

Crieff & Strathearn 9 1 8 0 54 397 0 4