Win for FPs in last home game

CARNOUSTIE High School FPs entertained Alloa in their last home game of the season on Saturday, hoping to continue their recent good home form.

Conditions were good, with a light wind blowing downfield.

The visitors got the game underway with Jonny Christie fielding, and playing the ball away, only for it to be knocked on. Alloa won the scrum and attempted a drop goal, which was well wide of the mark.

The drop out went the length of the field and was touched down by the visitors. The drop out was taken by Ian Cook and run back, forcing the vistors to conceed a penalty which Niall Swanson converted.

Owen Hughes fielded the restart and found touch. At the line-out, the visitors were again penalised, but the kick sailed wide of the posts. A penalty was then awarded to Alloa, who converted easily to bring the sides level. They fielded the restart and drove forward gaining a penalty, which was missed.

The drop out was long but was fielded and sent to touch by the visitors. From the line-out FPs kicked, but again it was too long allowing Alloa to touch down. The drop out went to touch, but Alloa were penalised for offside at the line out, and Niall Swanson restored the home side’s lead.

Carnoustie returned to an attacking position only to conceed a penalty. The visitors found touch but lost the line-out allowing the home players to clear and then win scrum ball and gain a penalty, which was missed.

With the end of the half approaching, FPs upped the pace, driving strongly in a disciplined manner, and gaining a series of penalties, which culminated in them being held up over the line, where they were unfortunate not to be awarded a penalty try. When the ball finally went to ground the half was brought to an end.

Half-time: Carnoustie 6, Alloa 3.

The home team restarted and Alloa established a strong attacking position, but couldn’t profit from it. Firstly their line-out throw wasn’t straight then, from a penalty, they allowed Carnoustie to win the line-out and send the ball out and clear.

The home players were still resolute and, although under pressure, were not particularly troubled. FPs went through the hands before kicking, but the ball went out on the full.

FPs won the line out but turned the ball over allowing Alloa to find touch some seven metres out, but Carnoustie managed to scramble the ball clear. The visitors came back again, forcing a defensive error and gaining a five metre scrum which although it was well defended, did nothing to halt the pressure.

From a line-out the visitors went wide, finding space for the first time, but a forward pass took the pressure off the homesters. Carnoustie rallied and cleared upfield and, from scrum ball, set up a series of drives to draw the penalty, which Bruce Langlands converted.

The visitors’ heads went down and FPs continued to set up drives and were unlucky to be stopped only two metres short of the line. Alloa were now under constant pressure with Carnoustie in control and they stayed in that position until the final whistle.

Team: Anderson, Bowles, Langlands, Rankin, Cook, Swanson, Jeffrey, Hall, Esposito, Dawson, Christie, Cowan, Millar, Reid, Hughes, Dissel, Murray, Owens, Macdonald, Shepherd, Nicholson and Hay.