World Hickory Open at Monifieth

ABOUT 100 hickory golfers from across the globe will take to the Monifieth Medal course on Monday for the first round of the World Hickory Open Championship 2012.

All will play with traditional hickory-shafted golf clubs and will be dressed in golfing outfits from days gone by.

Lionel Freedman, co-founder and director of the World Hickory Open, stated: “This is the first time the World Hickory Open has been held in Carnoustie Country and the response has been excellent, with numbers considerably up on last year’s championship.

“Over 30 teams have entered, including golfers from Australia, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Poland, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA, as well as a large contingent from the UK and teams from Loretto School’s golf academy.”

He added that the second round of the tournament will take place at Carnoustie Burnside on Tuesday.

Australian Perry Somers revealed that he is looking forward to competing in his third World Hickory Open. He first competed in the championship in 2009 and won it in 2010.

“The excellent reputation of Carnoustie Country’s courses was one of the main reasons I was so keen to compete in this year’s tournament,” said Perry. “The increase in the number of participants this year can most definitely be associated with the quality of the Carnoustie courses.

“In addition, the influence Carnoustie Country’s golfers have had on the development of golf worldwide is not lost on hickory golfers. We’re proud to be supporting the traditions and heritage of these golfing pioneers by using the same equipment as they made and used so many years ago to play on these historic golf courses.”  

Perry added that, as well as the opportunity to play hickory golf in the part of Scotland which is widely acknowledged as the cradle of golf, another highlight of this year’s World Hickory Open will be the sight of his fellow hickory golfers striding across both courses in traditional golfing garb.

“Seeing all these golfers dressed in outfits from over 100 years ago is a marvellous sight and one of which I personally will never grow tired,” added Perry.

The two courses hosting the World Hickory Open - Monifieth Medal and Carnoustie Burnside – are two of the 30 Carnoustie Country courses in and around the county of Angus, all within a 40-minute drive of Carnoustie Championship.

“It’s wonderful to see another high profile international golf tournament taking place in Carnoustie Country,” said Angus Council golf spokesperson Councillor Mairi Evans.

”The World Hickory Open is a first class opportunity to showcase Carnoustie Country’s tremendous golf courses to golfers from all over with world.”

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