Yacht club members watch demolition of tower blocks from seaward

AN EXCELLENT turnout of 53 Royal Tay Yacht Club members and friends enjoyed a pleasant sail to Balmerino for the annual club picnic last Sunday (July 31).

The date coincided with the day of the simultaneous demolition of the four tower blocks in Dundee’s Alexander Street by explosives.

As the four blocks dominated Dundee’s river front skyline, many boats left early to get a grandstand riverside view of this big event.

As an exact time could not be given, the boats sailed around in front of Dundee Docks for about an hour and when it did eventually happen it was over in seconds catching many not ready.

After the explosive excitement, a good south-westerly wind developed and a selection of keel boats, squibs, dinghies and safety craft enjoyed a good fast sail to Balmerino.

This included Lesley and Sandy Bremner in their new Hawk 20.

With it being a south-westerly wind, Balmerino Bay was a lee shore and this made for easy anchoring for the keel boats and easy beaching for the dinghies.

Safety boats ferried keel crews ashore and a great time was had by all.

Unfortunately, as the afternoon progressed, the wind eased. Whilst this enhanced the picnic conditions, it resulted in a much slower sail back.

To further exacerbate the sailing conditions, as the fleet negotiated the Tay Road Bridge the wind more or less died completely.

However, a light easterly filled in and this with an increasing ebb Tide saw the boats safely home.

Tomorrow (Saturday) Royal Tay hosts the annual Tay Yacht Clubs’ Association Youth Regatta.

There will be three races, the first of which starts at 11 a.m.