Round-up: Full draw for Carnoustie’s Craw’s Nest Tassie

Buzzers and nymphs are still taking the majority of fish being caught at Carlogie Dam. CDCs and Shipman’s buzzers are also working well on the top of the water.

Recent catches included: C/R - Dave Roy, Broughty Ferry, seven; G. Anderson, Dundee, eight; S. Watson, Muirdrum, six; C. Cameron, Dundee, 13; A. Stewart, Dundee, 15; I. Duff, Kirkcaldy, six; John Gilbert, Carnoustie, five; L. Gall, Dundee, six; D. Thoms, Carnoustie, eight; G. Stewart, Forfar, three; G. Edwards, Forfar, three; D. Mahoney, Dundee, 12; S. Mcdonald, Newburgh, six; F. Ferrier, two.

Catch and keep included: C. Davidson, Dundee, two for 4lbs 2oz, R. Ferguson, Forfar, two for 5lbs, P Gall, Carnoustie, two for 5lbs, A. Gall, Carnoustie, one for 3lbs 8oz; S Reynolds, Forfar, two for 4lbs; J. Donnachie, Dundee, two for 3lbs 12oz, E. Cosgrove, Dundee, two for 3lbs.


Broughty BC

It was another very good week for Broughty Bowling Club with three wins from three matches.

Broughty v Strathmore

11 L. Reid B. Greig 27

24 G. Smith D. McKinnon 7

18 D. White C. Kidd 12

9 E. Cowie N. Currie 12

62 58

Broughty v Balgay

26 G. Adam W. Sellers 12

16 I. Dorricott L. Vernon 9

24 J. Colville I. Armstrong 19

23 J. Scott I. Campbell 20

89 60

Carnoustie West End v Broughty

8 D. Milne M. Watson 28

22 S. Halliburton A. Cameron 12

16 K. McIntyre L. Hunter 28

17 M. Stewart L. Kinnear 19

63 87

Fixtures: Saturday, August 31 – Broughty v Wormit, 2 p.m., four rinks. Carnoustie v Broughty, 2 p.m., six rinks. Sunday – Ladies Open Pairs, 9 a.m. Wednesday – Fairfield v Broughty, 2 p.m., four rinks.

Broughty Castle

Results from the latter stages of the Broughty Castle Bowling Club Open Mixed Triples, which concluded on Sunday: Quarter-Finals - A. Thomson 10, C. Muir 11; E. Kydd 13, M. Crooks 6; J. Garnham 13, A. Turnbull 8; B. Steele 7, J. Craig 6. Semi-Finals - C. Muir 16, E. Kydd 11; J. Garnham 14, B. Steele 7. Final - C. Muir 8, J. Garnham 13. The winning triple comprised Joyce Garnham, Ann McMaster and Ron Garnham of Muirhead BC.

Carnoustie BC

On Saturday Carnoustie had a double header of fixtures entertaining Barnhill at Maule Street whilst also sending a mixed team to Friockheim. The game against Barnhill resulted in a six-shot defeat, whilst the team at Friockheim recorded a 21-shot victory.

Carnoustie v Barnhill

13 J.F. Cumming P. Docherty 21

21 K. Symon A. Johnston 18

29 S. Willocks H. Chapman 12

9 J. Renfrew J. Lowrie 24

19 I. Riddell M. Young 22

91 97

Friockheim v Carnoustie

15 B. Maguire W. Coffin 9

11 J. Sherrit M. Robertson 20

9 S. Taylor D.A. Robertson 26

13 J. Jackson J. Lindsay 14

48 69

Fixtures: Saturday – Gents v Broughty, 2 p.m., six rinks; Tuesday – J.D. Hendry Trophy, 1 p.m., eight rinks.

Carnoustie West End

West End lost out narrowly in the Angus Championships Top ten 2013, Final at Monifieth on Sunday, going down by two shots.

Result: Angus Championships Top ten 2013, Final – Dudhope 4 (73), Carnoustie West End 4 (71).

Dudhope Millennium Trophy

September 1, Section A – Lochee, Canmore, Craigie, Strathmartine, Dudhope 1, Monifieth. Section B – Barnhill, Broughty, Wednesday Association, Longforgan, Forfar, Dudhope 3. Section C – Kirriemuir, DIBC, Dudhope 2, Angus BA, Muirhead, Dundee ladies. Section D – Carnousrie West End, Fairfield, Dudhope Ladies, Ex Presidents, Bridge of Earn. Sections A and B report 8.30 a.m., sections C and D report 9.15 a.m.


Gowfers’ Gamble

There were no jackpot winners when the weekly Gowfers’ Gamble draw on Monday. The winning numbers were 2, 6, 8, 13, 15 and 20.

Two consolation prizes of £10 each go to G. Robertson and C. Nicoll, both Carnoustie. The jackpot has risen to £1,250.


Tassie draw

Qualifying for this year’s Craw’s Nest Tassie (scratch) and Maulesbank Trophy (handicap) will take place over the Championship and Burnside courses at Carnoustie on Monday and Tuesday, September 2 and 3.

The matchplay stages of both competitions due to commence on the Wednesday.

Included among this year’s competitors are last year’s Tassie winner, local player Andy Fyfe, Caledonia Golf Club, who beat Scott Mann, Carnoustie.

Also in the line-up is last year’s Maulesbank winner, Brian Power, Manchester who beat Jimmy Noone of Rothley Park.

Starting times for the first two days are as follows:

Championship Course, Monday/Burnside Course, Tuesday: 6.30/10.30 – Douglas Smith, Carnoustie; Colin Ralph, Manchester; David Fleming, Portlethen. 6.37/10.37 – Jon Lawrence, Worsley; Glynn Catterall, Rowlands Castle; Alban Bynoe, Studley Wood. 6.45/10.45 – Garry Corby, Lingdale; Ryan McKnight, Worsley; Lee Revell, The Shire. 6.52/10.52 – Charles Cassie, Nigg Bay; Edward Davison, Blyth; James Smith, Denton. 7 a.m./11 a.m. – Andrew Cumming, Pitreavie; Martin Burrows, Kings Norton; Leif Lindstrom, Osterakers. 7.07/11.07 – Joshua Partington, The Walsall; Ryan McDonagh, Hinckley; John Charlton, Wychwood Park. 7.15/11.15 – Steven Wood, Rotherham; Joe Whittaker, Great Lever & Farnworth; Jan Ideberg, Osterakers. 7.30/11.30 – Peter Whittaker, Great Lever & Farnworth; David Chidley, Goswick; Marc Rodgers; Rotherham. 7.37/11.37 – Wesley Payne, Rocky River; Les Craig, Marple; David Torkington, Dunskar. 7.45/11.45 – Richard Hughes, Rotherham; Brent Ashcroft, Prestatyn; Martin Scarborough, Seaton Carew. 7.52/11.52 – Alan Woodward, Boyce Hill; David Collinson, Denton; Philip Wright, Welwyn Garden City. 8 a.m./12 noon – Christopher Tunnicliffe, West Lancashire; Hedley Coaster, Trent Park; Dean Hazel, Romford. 8.07/12.07 - Jake Savage, Bay Creek; Per-Eric Spansk, Haninge; Randall Morrison, St Andrews. 8.15/12.15 – Robert Hughes, Crewe; Chaz Goodwin, Boyce Hill; Peter Ward, Prestatyn. 8.30/12.30 – Daniel Clarke, West Lancashire; Stuart Gibb, Pitreavie; Steve Sumpton, Maylands. 8.37/12.37 – William Stramm, Bay Creek; David Willey, Kirkistown; Edward Mellor, Worsley. 8.45/12.45 – James O’Reilly, Swinton Park; Jonas Wenell, Agesta; Mark Towning, Meyrick Park. 8.52/12.52 – Colin MacKinnon, Rackham; Colin Clarke, Padeswood & Buckley; Eddie O’Hare, Carluke. 9 a.m./1 p.m. – Stephen Morgan, Crow Wood; Andrew Carter, North Manchester; Lee Brown, Pitreavie. 9.07/1.07 – Rene Hawkins, Chelmsford; David Gaucas, Conwy; Aaron Sweeney, Carnoustie. 9.15/1.15 – Danny Adkins, Stock Brook Manor; Bjorn Gullberg, Osterakers; Grant Marable, Boyce Hill. 9.30/1.30 – Andrew Blackledge, Dean Wood; Dean Daulby, West Lancashire; Gary Walker, Deane. 9.37/1.37 – Stephen Pritchard, West Lancashire; Scott Thomson, Blairgowrie; Javaid Sabrine, Deane. 9.45/1.45 – Garry Winstanley, Sandiway; Phil Sargent, Haydock Park; Shawn Thomas, Glen Riddle. 9.52/1.52 – Mark Phillips, Prestatyn, Dean Homewood, North Downs; Steve Adkins, Stock Brook Manor. 10 a.m./2 p.m. – Alan McBride, Bedlingtonshire; Daniel Teece, Baildon; David Hickey, Prestatyn. 10.07/2.07 – John Gillet, West Lancashire; Mark Ellwood, Trent Park; Alastair Hunter, Pitreavie. 10.15/2.15 – Matthew Sayers, Denton; Matthew East, Moortown; Jeremy Howarth, Cookridge Hall. 10.30/2.22 – Kevin Mackie, Bothwell Castle; Stephen East, Moortown; Sam McLoughlin, Bush Hill Park. 10.37/6.30 – Gordon Cree, Troon Wellbeck; Chris Bott, Bournemouth & Meyrick Park; Steven Phillip, Forfar. 10.45/6.37 – David Jardine, West Lancashire; Philip Didsbury, Blyth; Robert Soen, Walmley. 10.52/6.45 – George Apel, Formby; Michael Lindsay, Pitreavie; Chris Hinton, Royal Birkdale. 11 a.m./6.52 – Philip Young, North Manchester; Robert Guttenkunst, Agesta; Dean Duffy, Heaton Park. 11.07/7 a.m. – Clyde Marriner, Great Hope; Robert Wright, Crewe; Philip Addis, Parkstone. 11.15/7.07 – John Grigg, Blyth; Andrew Topping, Worsley; Mal Kami, Mossock Hall. 11.30/7.15 – Peter Millett, Thorndon Park; Stuart Birrell, Pitreavie; Cary Morris, Stonehenge. 11.37/7.30 – Chris Clarkson, Brough; Robin Cook jnr, Pitreavie; Neil McDermid, Machynys. 11.45/7.37 – Steve Jenkins, The Shire; Nigel Smith, Breightmet; Jimmy Axdorff, Huvudstandens. 11.52/7.45 – Kevin Henley, Crewe; Marcus Holman, Richmond; Paul Wilson, Pitreavie. 12 noon/7.52 – Caoimh Sheahan, Morton Hall; Simon Harper, Breightmet; Andrew Moffat, Crow Wood. 12.07/8 a.m. – David Dixon, Morcambe; Robert Ansell, Celtic Manor; Paul Kirkland, Blundells Hill. 12.15/8.07 – Steven Hulse, Crewe; Ian Cumming, Pitreavie; John Czermak, Maylands. 12.30/8.15 – David Heathfield, Bush Hill Park; Andrew Rudkin, Lingdale; Ricky Gration, Burnley. 12.37/8.30 – Jonathan Reid, Prestatyn; Norman Haslam, Walmersley; Chris Jones, Bramhall. 12.45/8.37 – Steven Alletson, Rochdale; Andrew Toal, Crow Wood; Andy Barlow, Worsley. 12.52/8.45 – Neil Jeffrey, Wallasey; Nigel Whalley, Notts; Fred Nelson, Worsley. 1 p.m./8.52 – John Durrell, Romford; Philip Bedford, Enville; Alan Rimmer, Duquesa. 1.07/9 a.m. – Craig Robertson, Scotscraig; Spencer Sharp, Irby; Paul Lassey, Shanklin & Sandown. 1.15/9.07 – John Morgan, Bay Creek; Peter J. Bown, West Lancashire; Jim Griffiths, North Manchester. 1.30/9.15 – Pat Kelly, Crow Wood; Padraig Sheahan, Killarney; Russell Humphreys, Bramhall. 1.37/9.30 – Robin Cook, Pitreavie; Jonny Lindroos, Troxhammar; Iain Perkins, Bramhall. 1.45/9.37 – Edward Hill, Caledonia; Austin Thorp, Worsley; Ian Lingard, Warmersley. 1.52/9.45 – Stephen Platt, Breightmet; Ian Alletson, Rochdale; Stephen Mackie, Cruden Bay. 2 p.m./9.52 – Frank Gardner, Shifnal; Patrick Ryan, Crow Wood; Derrick Wilkinson, Essendon. 2.07/10 a.m. – James Sturmfelz, Bay Creek; Pete O’Riordan, Blundells Hill; Gary Waite, Maylands. 2.15/10.07 – Jason Eaton, Boyce Hill; John Dolan, Crow Wood; Barry Richardson, Hinckley. 2.22/10.15 – Donald Dolinger, Myers Park; Paddy Griffin, Blundells Hill; John Hicks, Maylands.

Burnside Course, Monday/ Championship Course, Tuesday: 6.30/10.30 – Perry Lodge, Boyce Hill; Colin Smith, Carnoustie; Andrew Jennings, Wychwood Park. 6.37/10.37 - Chris Greer, Hinckley; James Whitlock, Thorndon Park; James Farrell, Carnoustie. 6.4510.45 – Jim Stevenson, Peterhead; Brendan Munster, Bournemouth & Meyrick Park; David Holden, Walton Heath. 6.52/10.52 – Mark Reilly, Dunscar; Mick Walker, Rothley Park; Barry Harrison, Denton. 7 a.m./11 a.m. – Ross Blackadder, Alford; David Dobson, Deane; Tim Apel, Formby. 7.07/11.07 – Terry White, Bay Creek; Patrick Smith, Denton; Mark Vickers, Swinton Park. 7.15/11.15 – Bernard Fee, Bramhall; Barry Wood, Pyecombe; Sandy Calder, Onneley. 7.30/11.30 – John Steele, Broome Manor; Gordon Hennis, Heaton Park; Jonas Linden, Delsjo. 7.37/11.37 – Simon Darwin, Durham City; Ian George, Denton; Kevin Hurst, Stoke Park. 7.45/11.45 – Phil Marsden, Deane; Ian Callaghan, Childwall; Simon Suddens, Fairfield. 7.52/11.52 – Tim Evans-Jones, The Shire; Kulwinder Bagli, Bellshill; Kevin McEvoy, Denton. 8 a.m./12 noon – Nick Humphrey, Walmley; Geoffrey Pontefract, Lyme Regis; Paul Jordan, Worsley. 8.07/12.07 – Bob Smith, Bay Creek; Nicholas Greer, Hinckley; Steve Perry, Boyce Hill. 8.15/12.15 – Digby Holman, Knole Park; Douglas Young, Murcar Links; Paul Brady, Rotherham. 8.30/12.30 – Damian Scholes, Celtic Manor; Curtis Jackson, Harwood; James Willingham, Studley Wood. 8.37/12.37 – Simon Wiseman, Sweetwoods Park; Timothy Jones, Studley Wood; Tony Pilcher, Stoneham. 8.45/12.45 – Rob Wilson, West Lancashire; Andy McStay, Studley Wood; Tim Heaton, Kedleston Park. 8.52/12.52 – Nick Dunford, Broadstone; Steven Willingham, Studley Wood; John Burchett, Sweetwoods Park. 9 a.m./1 p.m. – Danny Elder, Caledonia; David Williams, Prestatyn; Ian Kearney, West Lancashire. 9.07/1.07 – Nick Jones, West Lancashire; Joe Restein, Bay Creek; Stephen Brooks, Blyth. 9.15/1.15 – Stephen Hindle, Ellesmere; Mat Roche, Baildon; Duncan Cairnie, Caledonia. 9.30/1.30 – Barry Hind, Pitreavie; Neil Self, Stand; Mason Papple, Stock Brook Manor. 9.37/1.37 – Timothy Hartley, Queens Park; Andy Fyfe, Caledonia; Simon Jones, Padeswood & Buckley. 9.45/1.45 – Jere Lynch, Nassawango; Graham Marshall, Rothley Park; Austyn Cambden, Stock Brook Manor. 9.52/1.52 – Arron Williams, Prestatyn; Barry Giblin, Haydock Park; Tom Broxup, Cookridge Hall. 10 a.m. – Scott Nicol, New Taymouth; Neil Moncur, Broughty; David Whalley, Notts. 10.07/2.07 – Neil Wolfrey, Exeter; Warren Laverty, Breightmet; Andrew Webster, Childwall. 10.15/2.15 – Andy Byrne, West Lancashire; Iain Campbell, Prestwick St Cuthbert; Adam Smith, Padeswood & Buckley . 10.30/6.30 – Richard Palmer, Reddish Vale; Paul Wilson, Wychwood Park; Rodney Hemingway, Heaton Park. 10.37/6.37 – William Turner, The Bradford; Andrew Jones, West Lancashire; Duncan Hamilton, Mortonhall. 10.45/6.45 – Martin Jones, Padeswood & Buckley; Andy Evans, The Shire; Tommy Lodge, Boyce Hill. 10.52/6.52 – Allan Mole, Worsley; Jimmy Callaghan, Dunscar; Mathias Hagg, Agesta. 11a.m./7 a.m. – Pat Smith, The Shire; Johan Ek, Torrekula; David Abbott, Boyce Hill. 11.07/7.07 – Hans Lundberg, Agesta; Sam Callaghan, Dunscar; Craig Wilson, Pitreavie. 11.15/7.15 – Hugh Riddell, Kemnay; Gary Myerscough, Turton; Scott Beattie, Finchley. 11.30/7.30 – Jonas Bergstrom, Osterakers; David Parker, Prestatyn; John Cartledge, Chorley. 11.37/7.37 – Harold Gouthwaite, Prestatyn; Robert Turner, Stock Brook Manor; John Whitlock, Thorndon Park. 11.45/7.45 – Ken Sargent, Haydock Park; David Houghton, Largs; David Hardy, Prestatyn. 11.52/7.52 – James Bloomfield, North Manchester; Christopher Hardy, Denton; Robert Wilkenson, Rossendale. 12 noon/8 a.m. – Stephen McCreadie, Dundonald Links; Richard Ashbrook, Prestatyn; Graham Arthur, Irby. 12.07/8.07 – Antony McGuire, Denton; Jeff Sheild, Bay Creek; Andrew Wasik, Prestatyn. 12.15/8.15 – Robert Jackson, Walmersley; Michael Fountaine, Willow Oaks; Anthony Kulkowski, Northop. 12.30/8.30 – Jonathan Thorp, Worsley; Michael Keegan, Shankley & Sandown; Rodney J. Hemingway, Heaton Park. 12.37/8.37 – Brian Power, Manchester; Paul Ashley, Crewe; Graham Tatum, Haydock Park. 12.45/8.45 – Graham Skinner, Rossendale; Steven Roberts, Ellesmere; Tony Dorsi, Denton. 12.52/8.52 – James McGhie, Pyecombe; Brian Glancy, Pitreavie; John Condron, Crow Wood. 1 p.m./9 p.m. – Andrew Alletson, Rochdale; Nick Rudd, Mossock Hall; Des O’Neil, Childwall. 1.07/9.07 – Al Wiegand, TPC Las Vegas; John Samuel, Mowsbury; Greg Fee, Bramhall. 1.15/9.15 – Bob Gammie, Kemnay; Garry Bennell, Denton; Brian Cameron, Pitreavie. 1.30/9.30 – Nigel Barrow, Morecambe; Rod Sanghara, Hinckley; Geoff Russ, Wychwood Park. 1.37/9.37 – Philip Bircham, Sherborne; Ronald Wingfield, Blyth; James Butler, Northop. 1.45/9.45 – William Chambers, Woolston Manor; James Gibson, Irby; Roy Schofield, North Manchester. 1.52/9.52 - Dominic Lodge, Boyce Hill; Magnus Taylor, Montrose Mercantile; Vincent Coley, Irby. 2 p.m./10 a.m. – John McCready, Bay Creek; Sunny Cchohan, Walsall; Peter Dudeck, Golf Channel Players Club. 2.07/10.07 – Mark Jennings, Maylands; David Fee, Bramhall; Mark Ward, Denton. 2.15/10.15 – Christopher McCormack, Heaton Park; Peter Naughton, Worsley; Denis Doano, Trevose.