Rugby: Stobswell 1st XV vs Carnoustie 2nd XV/Over 35s

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With conditions bright and firm at Dundee, unlike most of the players on the day, the first Stobswell vs Carnoustie 2nds game kicked off with both teams shrugging of the festive blues.

With Stobswell taking full advantage of the sun and the hill in the first half, the visitors were put under pressure, but it was Carnoustie who were the first to open the scoring, with STEWART MILLAR turning back the years and turning on the afterburners to romp home from at least 15 yards, but without the conversion. Carnoustie, under pressure, gave a penalty away and this was quickly turned into three points by the home side. Rolling subs were now a delight for some well-aged players and fresh legs for the visitors brought another try, with a very active IAN REID crossing the score line, but again the conversion was missed. Excitement was getting the better of the visitors and another penalty was again given away and converted and this brought the half to an end.

Half-time: Stobswell 1st XV 6, Carnoustie 2nd XV/Over 35s 10.

With Carnoustie players putting on the Stobswell shirt, to cover injuries and age, the second half got underway, with the visitors using the hill to great advantage. The pressure was quickly turned into points by IAN REID again crossing and again without the conversion. With the game was now mostly flowing from end to end with the chance that anyone could score next and it was the ever young, LEE GRAY for Carnoustie who broke the line and sprinted in from the 22 to cross and this time the conversion was added. Stobswell, with ball in hand, rumbled through the visitors and, with a Stobswell player over the line and gravity doing its thing, a touchdown was a sure thing, until Ian Reid snatched the ball from the Stobby player’s hands and took off like a scalded cat. It was Carnoustie’s turn to rumble up the pitch, and it was a true Carnoustie veteran, DAVID ‘DYTE’ MURRAY who smashed his way over the line to score the final five points.

In the first of 2015 league matches, tomorrow (Saturday), Carnoustie are at home to Stirling University who they beat 20-19 in the away fixture in September. This will be a 2 p.m. kick-off.