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Ladies’ football

Lisa Evans 13s League Dundee/Angus

Fixtures: tomorrow (Saturday) – Forfar Flyers v Broughty United 13s; Tayside Colts 12s v Monifieth Reds 13s; Monifieth Blues 13s v Dundee West 13s.



As enjoyable as the hot summer weather has been recently the rain and lower temperatures last week cooled the water and the fishing has really picked up on all the ponds as a result.

The Burnside has been the top fly pond over the last week with fish much higher in the water and that has made them a lot more catchable.

The clarity has been very good with around five feet of visibility, there has been some big blue trout getting caught that have been fighting incredibly hard with a few people getting caught by surprise and being snapped. Fish have been getting caught on most methods, dries have been very effective when they are right on top but buzzers and nymphs have been really consistent. Small damsels and black lures have been the best lures.

Mr Ellis had two for 7lbs with a blue at 4lbs 14oz. Mr Clark took two for 7lbs 4oz with a blue at 5lbs 7oz. Mr Patterson had five fish for 14lbs 8oz including two 4lb rainbows. Mr Costello, Mr Gaul and Mr Thompson have all returned big blues as well.

The Boathouse is still quite clear with fish visibly cruising around, buzzers and nymphs have been the most consistent method taking fish all day but lures have been good at times when the fish are active but most of the time there not keen at chasing.

Mr Miller had two for 8lbs including a good blue and put back eight. He then came back the next day and had a 4lbs 9oz blue. Mr Watson had a good day returning seven on buzzers and lost a much bigger fish.

The Bankside has still been suffering from a algae bloom but we have been flushing fresh water into the pond and it is improving steadily. Yellow dancers and cats whiskers seem to be the top lure and oaky dokeys the best buzzer. Mr Marshall has been persevering on the pond recently when it hasn’t been fishing great but was rewarded with one of the big fish around 11-13lbs on a yellow head okay doakey as well as another handful of smaller ones. Mr Clark had a great day taking four fish for 9lbs and returned another 15 mostly on yellow dancers.

The Woodside has been very clear and this has seen the weed worse than we have ever seen before on this pond but we have been in with the weed cutter and at the moment around one third of the pond inset fishable with patches of weed around elsewhere.

This really hasn’t affected the fishing with the fish staying in the clear water and there have been really good bags of fish caught. Over the weekend there were 97 fish caught for a total weight of 173lbs by 57 anglers. There wasn’t a stand out method taking fish, the float, lead and spinners were all working with powerbait as usual being very effective. The biggest fish of the week was taken by Mr McLauchlan weighing 3lbs 8oz on a worm.

Carlogie Dam

Small flies fished deep have been working well at Carlogie Dam during the day, bright sun and warm water are keeping the fish down in the water.

Buzzers and CDCs are working well later in the day.

Recent catches have included: D. Cuthbert (Carnoustie) c/r five, B. Thomson (Arbroath) c/r seven, D. Birse (Forfar) c/r 2, S. Watson (Muirdrum) c/r 3, J. Duthie (Arbroath) c/r two, C. Cameron (Dundee) c/r five, D. Cuthbert, jnr., (Barry) c/r nine, A. Stewart (Dundee) c/r four, D. Thoms (Carnoustie) c/r four, L. Scott (Forfar) c/r seven, W. Milne (Forfar) c/r four, W. Beattie (Forfar) c/r five, R. Clark (Monikie) c/r three, G. Woods (Montrose) c/r six, G. Anderson (Dundee) c/r three, T. McDade (Arbroath) c/r three, F. Ross (Dundee) c/r four, J. Gilbert (Carnoustie) c/r five.

N. Spence (Arbroath) two for 5lbs 8oz, S. McAllan (Arbroath) two for 4lbs 10oz, R. Ainslie (Coventry) caught his best ever fish a cracking rainbow of 9lbs 8oz, D. Phinn (Dundee) two for 6lbs 8oz, J. McGuire (Aberdeen) one for 3lbs, S. Mullin (Pitlochry) four for 8lbs 2oz.


Players wanted

Carnoustie Panmure are currently looking for players born 2001 and 2002 to join their Under-14s team for this season. They provide training by Scottish FA qualified coaches with teams from sixes to Under-19s and we have a pathway to adult football with their amateur and junior teams. Contact Phil Hope on 07510 662616.


DDYFA 7-a-Side, John Clark Mini Development Leagues

Teamlines for 9 and 10s are to be sent to Jim Falconer at Lyndon Guthrie by Forfar DD8 2TP. Teamlines for 11 and 12’s are to be sent to Steve Langdale at 16 Newhall Gardens, Dundee DD2 1TW.

Please remember if teamlines are not sent in we cannot confirm that game has been played and continued non receipt of teamlines will result in the non allocation of fixtures. All players must get half a game development time and teams use Player Pathway rules.

All games organised by teams which are non allocated fixtures are not insured and therefore should not be played, all friendlies require a permit.

Clubs to contact opponents home or away game by Friday prior to game. Season is from from March to November. Remember to mark trialist on teamlines and check you comply with rules regulating the percentage of lower age players allowed against the total number of players in your squad.

All kick-offs 11 a.m. unless stated. Any issues from the fixtures please get in touch with Steve Langdale.

Age 9: 2005 – Riverside v Carnoustie, Riverside A, 11 a.m.; Ferry Athletic v Fairmuir, Dawson A, 11 a.m.; ACSC v Broughty Panthers, As arr., 11 a.m. Free week - Broughty Pumas.

Age 10: 2004 – Montrose v Ferry Athletic, As arr., 11 a.m.; Carnoustie v Dryburgh, As arr., 11 a.m.; Broughty United v Douglas, Orchar, 11 a.m. Free week – Monifieth.

Age 11: 2003 – Fairmuir v Broughty Pumas, As arr., 1 p.m.; Broughty Panthers v Pitfour, Gilles, 11 a.m.; Ferry Athletic v Dundee Thistle, Dawson B, 11 a.m. Free week – Carnoustie, Monifieth.


Strokeplay win

Will Porter, Carnoustie, won the Angus Boys’ Strokeplay Championship at Ballumbie Castle on Monday to continue his good season.

He shot rounds of 71 and 74 for a total of 145, beating Jamie Beedie, Montrose Mercantile, 77, 74 for 145 and defending Champion, Gavin Petrie, Forfar, 73, 82 for 155.

Carnoustie’s Claire Robertson was the only Scot to make it through to the quarter-finals of the St Andrews Junior Ladies Open. She qualified for the matchplay rounds in seventh place with a score of 74 and beat Hannah Robb, Scotscraig 3 and 2 in the first round to set up a quarter-final match against Samantha Taylor, Tynemouth Golf Club on Wednesday.

Club returns

Ballumbie Castle Ladies: Stroke CSS 72 – A. Callaghan (19) 74; E. Cable (15) 77.

Caledonia, Carnoustie: Saturday, Championship Course, Strokeplay CSS 76 – S. Mitchell (3) 72; M. Reynolds (2) 75; G. Docherty (8) 78. Burnside Course, Strokeplay CSS 73 R/O – M. Mudie (20) 72; B. Shepherd (4) 77 bih; R. Brunton (18) 77; Buddon Links, Strokeplay CSS 69 – M. Connor (14) 66; S. McGinnis (6) 68; R. Ness (8) 69. Sunday, Championship Course, Strokeplay CSS 76 – J. Hamilton (4) 76; P. Elrick (14) 87. Burnside Course, Strokeplay CSS 73 – D. Kinmond (13) 70; C. McNicoll (7) 73; C. Robertson (7) 74. Buddon Links, Strokeplay CSS 69 – S. McGinnis (6) 64; R. Ness (8) 72; N. Duffy (13) 76.

Carnoustie Caledonia Ladies: Burnside Course, IMF Brooch CSS 73 – A. Scott (23) 71; A. Leiper (10) 73 bih; J. Atherton (23) 73. Nine-hole Stableford, half handicap – M. Robinson (16) 14 points; S. Findlay (17) 13.

Carnoustie Golf Club: Saturday August 2, Championship Course, John Hill Trophy CSS 75, Division One, Handicaps to 10 - R. McKenzie (7), G.J. Gall (3) 72; B. Goodman (5) 74; G.R. Campbell (6), R.A. Goodman (4) 76. Division Two, Handiaps 11 to 16 - S.J. Pollard (15) 66; H. Summers (11) 69; F. Johnstone (11) 73. Division Three, Handicaps 17 to 28 - M.J. Barker (18), I.A. Laurence (19) 78. Winner John Hill Trophy, Scratch – G.J. Gall 75. Burnside Course, Frank Duncan Trophy CSS 71, Division One, Handicaps to 16 - P. Nugent (16) 68; R. Cairns (8), S.A. Bricknal (4) 71; J.M. Downie (7) 76. Division Two, Handicaps 17 to 28 - J. Husband (19) 73. Winner Frank Duncan Trophy, Handicap – P. Nugent, 84-16-68. Buddon Links, Strokeplay CSS 71 R/O, all one class - J. Hood (4) 73; O.F. Turner (13) 79. Sunday August 3, Championship Course, Strokeplay CSS 73, all one class - M.J. Napier (1) 68; G.A. McNicoll (3) 69; P. Drummond (2) 71. Burnside Course, Strokeplay CSS 71, all one class - J. Halley (14) 66; J.D. Dunbar (14), S. Paterson (10) 70; D. Murray (9) 72. Buddon Links, Strokeplay CSS 69, all one class - A. Rudol (12) 71.

Tuesday, August 5, Burnside Course, J. Grant Trophies, Round Two CSS 68, all one class - B. Prestwich (18) 60; G. Reigate (6), B. Goodman (5) 65; D.M. Cooper (12), J. Ward (10) 66. Winner J. Grant Trophy, Scratch – R.I. Allison 148,best 2nd Round. Winner J. Grant Tankard, Handicap – B. Prestwich 126. Buddon Links, Strokeplay CSS 69, all one class - M. Mackay (20) 66; B. Salmond (11) 68; S. Mackay (17) 74.

Carnoustie Ladies: Buddon Links, Macmillan Silver Spoons CSS 69 – L. Gordon (21) 68; P. Sawers (8) 70; J. Brown (16) 71 bih; S. Strachan (19) 71.

Grange Ladies: Wednesday Competition, Ashludie CSS 69, Division One – C. MacDonald (15) 68; H. Adamson (19) 69; P. Wicksted (19) 70. Division Two – M. Oulton (30) 67; L. Mackintosh (23) bih; L. Fenton (32) 70.

Monifieth: Medal Course CSS 72 – R. McGuigan (2) 69; C. Gallacher (7) 70; C. McKay (2) 71. Magic 2s – A. Reid, A. Lumsden, P. Hill 69.4. Ashludie Course CSS 65 – J. Ferrie (15) 61; A. Boyle (17) 64; A. Florence (10) 66.

Monifieth Ladies: Saturday Stroke/Golf Foundation Brooch CSS 68 – 1, J. McBride (28) 68; 2, I. Doig (18) 69 bih; 3, R. Philip (35) 69. Brooch Winner – J. McBride.

Monifieth Links: Men’s 18-Hole Open CSS home 71, away 74, Scratch – 1, J. Boler, Chesterfield 70 bl6; 2, R. Perry, Monifieth 70; 3, G. Bowman, Grange 71. Handicap – 1, N. Moncur, Broughty 67; 2, G. Chalmers, Dollar 69; 3, J. Young, Clydebank 70 bih.

Ladies’ Panmure Monifieth: August Medal CSS 73 – R. Meldrum 73; P. Hewitt bih; A. Williams bih 74. Ashludie, Stroke/Quaich CSS 68 – G. Little 63; M. Morris 68. Monthly Quaich – M. Cameron bih; M. MacGregor 69. Nine-hole, Ashludie – M. Stewart 17 points; D. Scott 16.

Monifieth Ladies: Wednesday Stroke CSS 68 – M. Brown (19) 63; D. Brown (33) 68; J. Brown (4) 70 bih. Nine-hole Competition – J. Grant, B. Thomson. July Extra Medal, Round Three, Red X Eclectic CSS 73, Division One – P. Wicksted (19) 73; A. McKay (20) 74; J. Brown (4) 75. Division Two – J. Farish (23) bih; S. Taylor (26) 78.