History of Angus in pictures

ANGUS Archives will be holding a photographic extravaganza next week as part of Angus Heritage Week.

Whether it is Victorian carte de visite portraits, Edwardian snapshots to formal group photographs, postcards and modern digital photographs, Angus Archives has it.

The Angus Photographic Collection features material representing all the towns and villages of Angus plus many of the rural parishes. The collection covers a huge spectrum of subjects including events, shops, factories, past provosts, street vendors, historic buildings, ships, streets scenes, fishwives, street markets, trains and so much more. The archive team will make the entire collection available on the day, and have a starter selection available for browsing. Slideshows of images will also be showing. A selection of lesser known albums will also be on display showing Victorian Sydney and Edwardian Norway, along with a colourful Victorian album featuring exotic birds. Anyone needing help dating old photographs can book a dating session to identify up to three pictures with Archives Manager Fiona Scharlau or consult Angus Archives’ resources. To book a session call Angus Archives on 01307 468644. The archives are open Monday to Friday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., refreshments will be available.