Watch out for aliens in Carnoustie!

Carnoustie author Russell Steel with his first book on the Kindle pictured in his home on Thursday.
Carnoustie author Russell Steel with his first book on the Kindle pictured in his home on Thursday.

A CARNOUSTIE man has just released his first novel online, and it’s worth a look if you ever want to read about an alien playing golf on the Buddon.

‘Bad News: The Warning’ by Russell Steele is available now from Amazon as an e-book for the Kindle and other e-readers.

It is a near-future science fiction novel about an alien, Nabling, who crashlands in Tentsmuir Forest, bringing with him a dire warning of impending doom.

Nabling is adopted by his rescuers, including an RAF officer called Robert Anderson from Carnoustie, allowing for some of the action to occur in places many readers will be familiar with.

The book mixes empathy and humour to good effect, and sets the stage for what promises to be some epic action in the next two books he has planned.

Russell (47), originally from Monifieth, comes from a civil service and IT background and has a very strong grip on realistic science.

He said: “Some of it stretches the theory, but the rest of it is do-able, it’s either been thought about or theorised.

“I did sometimes find sci-fi can be too geeky, it should be a story most of all, the fact it is science fiction shouldn’t distract from the story.

“The star the aliens come from is real, the distance is real and it is also on NASA’s list of the 100 most likely stars that will have planets.

“I didn’t want to have hyperspace with the sort of travelling vast distances in the blink of an eye. What would happen if you got a heads up?”

Russell is currently in the midst of writing book two, and has every step planned out, he mentioned that sometimes the characters even helped a bit.

He explained: “You hear stories about the characters coming to life, and I didn’t know what that meant until I got into writing the book. You present them with a situation and just let them speak.

“What I tried to do was in between the SF was to ground it with more normal stuff. There’s quite a lot of humour in it. I didn’t start off like that.”

Russell added that initial sales have been promising. He said: “I think success breeds success, it’s only been live since last Saturday and it’s already sold 67 copies and there have been 180 free promotional downloads.

“Amazon are listing it at number nine in the best sellers list for SciFi at the moment out of about 9,700 books.”